See Emma Roberts' Reaction After Her Beach Video Becomes a Viral Meme

After Emma Roberts’ random video at the beach unintentionally became a viral meme, the actress returned to social media to express her gratitude.

By Elana Rubin Jul 28, 2021 5:34 PMTags
Watch: Emma Roberts Reacts to Becoming a Viral Meme: "Thank You Gays"

While for some, going viral might be their own American Horror Story, but for Emma Roberts, she took it in stride.

It all started on July 24, when the Scream Queens star shared an Instagram video of herself in a green dress, giggling and posing in front of a beach while Lana Del Rey's "Happiness is a Butterfly" from the 2019 album Norman F-cking Rockwell! played. But while the video in and of itself was a simple clip from her night out, social media users recirculated the clip and made it meme-worthy. People on Tiktok, Twitter and Instagram shared the actress' video, making Emma the latest meme of 2021.

As one fan put it, "@RobertsEmma just keep feeding us bestie don't ever stop." And the star had nothing but appreciation for the support and joined in on the fun.

In response to the love, Julia Roberts' niece screenshot of the video on her Instagram Story, saying "Me going viral after 30." Emma captioned the post, "thank you gays and whoever else" for the viral moment.

Emma Roberts & Garrett Hedlund: Romance Rewind

On top of being an internet sensation, Emma became a new mom in December 2020 to baby son Rhodes with boyfriend Garrett Hedlund.


A source told E! News in January that Emma is "doing really well" amid the transition into motherhood after giving birth. "She's very happy, calm and a natural at being a mom," the source said.

Funnily enough, it was Emma's own mom Kelly Cunningham that revealed the big news on Instagram about her pregnancy. 

In fact, she subsequently blocked her mom "to prove a point," she told SiriusXM's The Jess Cagle Show in October 2020. "And then I had to grovel to her because then I was like, 'Okay mom, like, I'll unblock you,'" Emma recalled. "And she hadn't even accepted my friend request. So, then I had to wait for that, which was her, like, glorious moment. She was like, 'Oh, maybe I'll accept you later.' I was like, ‘This is not OK.'"