Lady Gaga Fans Are Convinced This Olympic Athlete Is Basically Her Twin

After seeing Julyana Al-Sadeq compete at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, you might be wondering if Lady Gaga has been secretly training in Taekwondo. See the actress' Olympic doppelgänger below.

By Samantha Schnurr Jul 27, 2021 5:44 PMTags
Watch: Lady Gaga Fans Are Convinced This Olympic Athlete Is Her Twin

Never mind poker face—that's Lady Gaga's face!

Fans of the singer couldn't help but do a double take over photos of Jordan's Julyana Al-Sadeq and Brazil's Milena Titoneli as they faced off in women's Taekwondo at the Tokyo Olympics. While Titoneli ended up defeating Al-Sadeq, it wasn't the match itself that had Little Monsters' attention. Instead, they were rubbing their eyes over Al-Sadeq, who—judging by the pictures—apparently could be Gaga's long lost twin. 

It wasn't long before the internet took notice of the women's uncanny resemblance. "This is Lady Gaga at the Tokyo Olympics," a tweet with a photo of Al-Sadeq read, "and no one can convince me otherwise."

Another echoed, "Lady gaga said "f*ck grammys and oscars, i want a gold olympic medal now."

Poking fun at the actress' viral quote, one tweet read, "There can be a hundred people at the olympics and one of them is Lady Gaga competing for a taekwondo medal."

Lady Gaga's Best Looks

So, is Al-Sadeq Mother Monster's doppelgänger? You be the judge! See the women side by side below along with other Olympians and their celebrity look-alikes. Meanwhile, we'll be waiting for confirmation that Lady Gaga has not secretly taken up Taekwondo. 

Lady Gaga & Julyana Al-Sadeq

Taekwondo Olympian Julyana Al-Sadeq had fans wondering if there are two Mother Monsters after competing at the 2020 games in Tokyo. 

Zac Efron & Michael Hixon

Time to get'cha head in the game! At the 2016 Olympics in Rio, the High School Musical alum met the silver medal-winning diver and admitted the resemblance was uncanny. "My Brotha from anotha," Efron wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of the duo. "Congrats #MichaelHixon #Rio2016."

Brady Ellison & Leonardo DiCaprio

Once upon a time in Hollywood (er, Rio) there was an archer who looked so much like the Oscar winner that he had the internet buzzing throughout the 2016 games.

Andrew Garfield & Andy Murray

Look, it's your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and his tennis champion look-alike. Even Murray can't deny the similarities. When a Twitter user asked the gold medal winner if he's related to the actor, Murray joked, "No we are the same the person."

Rashida Jones & Lolo Jones

Not only do the actress and the Olympian share the same last name, but some fans think they also look like twins. "Thanks @iamrashidajones for running that first race for me so I could rest up... They didn't even notice," the athlete, who competed in both track and field and bobsledding, jokingly tweeted during the 2012 London Games. "I'll [take] it from here my #lookalike."

Josie Loren & Aly Raisman

In 2012, fans flipped over the similarities between the Make It Or Break star and the gold medal-winning gymnast. "@Aly_Raisman has anyone ever told you that you look like josie loren (who played kaylie cruz) from make it or break it?" a follower tweeted during the London Games. "Just curious..."

John Krasinski & Michael Phelps

For years, fans have thought the actor and the swimmer share similar facial features. After seeing the 28-time Olympic medalist commentate on the 2020 Tokyo Games, one fan tweeted, "John Krasinksi [sic] could star in a Michael Phelps biopic."

Katherine Webb & Alex Morgan

Some followers think the model and the soccer star look alike as well. In 2013, a fan tweeted, ''Alex Morgan and Katherine Webb could very well be identical twins.."

Rupert Friend & Maxim Trankov

The actor and the skater had fans doing a double take at the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

Katy Perry & Tessa Virtue

If you think the singer and the ice dancer look alike, you're not alone. "About 22 people have told me I look like Katy Perry this week," Virtue tweeted in 2014. "Perhaps I should stop wearing my candy bra that shoots fireworks? #roar."

Angela Kinsey & Tatiana Volosozhar

During the 2014 Sochi Games, fans drew comparisons between The Office alum and the figure skater. "@AngelaKinsey," one follower tweeted. "I didn't know you were a Russian Olympic figure skater?!" The actress then replied, "It was my fallback career."

LeAnn Rimes & Maria Höfl-Riesch

Both the singer and the ski racer have gone for the gold. Rimes has two Grammys, and Höfl-Riesch has four Olympic medals. 

Bar Refaeli & Torah Bright

It looks like the model and the snowboarder have found their doppelgängers!

Annalynne McCord & Yuliya Efimova

Should the swimmer ever need an actress to play her in a biopic, we know just the star to call.

Kate Upton & Silje Norendal

What do you think? Do you see a resemblance between the model and the snowboarder?

Neil Patrick Harris & Vasil Kiryienka

While watching the Opening Ceremony for the 2016 games, Michelle Collins thought the cyclist looked just like the How I Met Your Mother star. "Neil Patrick Harris competing for Belarus," the comedian tweeted, "is there anything he can't do?!?!? #OpeningCeremony @ActuallyNPH."

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