Tori Spelling Says Daughter Stella Developed Headaches and Panic Attacks Due to Intense Bullying

Tori Spelling's 13-year-old daughter Stella went through a rough patch in school that she has been vocal about. Now, she's displaying confidence in a new modeling shoot.

By Elana Rubin Jul 27, 2021 5:24 PMTags
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Tori Spelling is speaking out against 13-year-old daughter Stella Doreen McDermott's bullying she faced in elementary school.

The former 90210 star proudly shared a slew of pictures on her Instagram account celebrating her child's first modeling shoot as a teen. She started her caption by listing characteristics of her daughter that she's proud of including her heart, kindness, innovation and creativity. But Tori also reflected on the difficulty that Stella endured in elementary school.

"Her bullying started in 5th grade in Encino," Tori stated. "Sadly, the boy that bullied her and other girls & boys wasn't stopped." She cited the bully's parents' involvement with the school as a reason for the harassment persisting. Tori claimed that in addition to the child that teased Stella, her daughter was also allegedly bulled by her principal, which caused an onslaught of health-related symptoms.

"She developed headaches, stomachaches, panic attacks, & her asthma increased," Tori said. "Emotions can be pretty powerful & manifest into physical ailments. She missed alot of school due to this." Despite Stella's symptoms, though, she found a "passion for baking, cooking, & crafting."

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Tori celebrated her daughter's subsequent accomplishment of going on MasterChef in 2019 and not only being a contestant, but winning the show. "I had never seen her confidence like I did that day," Tori said, describing witnessing the fire "back" in Stella.  


"That's the lesson we should be teaching," Tori continued. "To encourage our kids to find their individual passions & thrive!"

Tori said that even though Stella couldn't graduate with her class at her Encino school due to the principal allegedly asking her kids to leave, she was happy to see Stella getting her "powerful" and "fulfilling" school moment in the 90210-inspired photo shoot.

She concluded her post, "You are a fierce female. So proud of U Buggy!"

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