Did Hoda Kotb Really Call Jennifer Lopez to Get the Scoop on Ben Affleck? See Her Surprising Answer

By Samantha Bergeson Jul 27, 2021 5:19 PMTags

Not so fast!

TODAY host Hoda Kotb gave an exclusive update on whether or not she followed up with Jennifer Lopez following that interview question about J.Lo's rekindled romance with Ben Affleck. Instead of confirming her relationship happiness, J.Lo plugged her new song—and told Hoda to call her to discuss it in private. 

So, did Hoda take her up on the offer? 

"I did not call J.Lo for the follow-up phone call," Hoda revealed to E! News' Daily Pop co-host Justin Sylvester on July 27. "When she wants to tell me about it, she'll tell me about it. Clearly they're not hiding, clearly there's happiness. I'm all about happiness. I didn't make the phone call." 

As Justin pointed out, perhaps J.Lo didn't want to "jinx" it!

"I think you're right," Hoda agreed. "They're so cute. I know a lot of people are rooting for them." 

Hoda also is on-site for the Tokyo Olympics, and despite not looking forward to sleeping in her "durable" Olympic Village bed, Hoda is in awe of the international athletes. "These guys are about to experience the moment of a lifetime and Justin, there's nothing that revs my engine as much as the Olympic Games," Hoda gushed. "If you can get a medal at these Olympics, these Olympic Games, COVID and your fans aren't there and your family's not there and you're by yourself, if you can get a medal, you deserve the medal and then some."

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The mother of two additionally gave an update on her adoption process for potentially baby no. 3.

"You know, what's funny about life and that process, I always said to [husband] Joel [Schiffman], we have enough rooms in our hearts, enough room in our home, enough room in our lives, and more than that, there's also a need on the other side," she explained. "If you have more to give, you should give it...There's God's plan, if it's going to happen, we're ready. Arms open." 

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Hoda even adorably told her two daughters that they "didn't come from my tummy, you came from my heart," and that any sibling of theirs would too. "Families come in all kinds of beautiful packages," the beloved anchor concluded. 

Watch the heartfelt interview above to hear more family scoop and watch Hoda's daily Olympics coverage on TODAY weekday mornings.