Kenya Moore's Amazon Summer Fashions Are "Gone with the Wind Fabulous"

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star picked Twirl-worthy swimsuits, coverups, sandals and more.

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Kenya Moore always serves up premium looks and shade on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Recently, she brought some "drama" to an Amazon Live broadcast, and by "drama," I am referring to an over-the-top, scene-stealing swimsuit coverup. She also delivered some shade, and by that I mean sunglasses. The Bravolebrity shared her Amazon must-haves for a summer vacation and her picks did not disappoint. They were all on trend and under the budget.

Kenya shared, "I'm so excited because I love Amazon. So many people don't know my little trade secrets. You look at celebrities and you see them on TV. You see that they have all of these beautiful clothes and they have all of these gorgeous shoes and everything that you can imagine and you're like 'How can they afford all of that?' Well, the little unknown secret is that we use Amazon religiously. Well, I know I do."

The Twirl queen elaborated, "If I'm going on a trip, if I'm just going out with the girls, or on a date, or whatever, I turn to Amazon, especially when I want to get it fast. Amazon Prime is a girl's best friend. I know you know that should be your best friend, not diamonds, Amazon Prime." Ain't that the truth.

"I love to shop for all of my fashions on Amazon. I made some special Hot Girl Summer picks for you," Kenya shared, adding, "Today, we're just focusing on beach. We're focusing on summertime. You can go to the pool in these outfits. You can lounge around your home. You can go out to a dinner. You can just enjoy your summer. This is a Hot Girl Summer, OK?" You don't have to tell us twice.

"What I love the most about all these fashions is that they're so affordable. You don't have to break the bank," Kenya said. Keep on scrolling to see her picks that are all "Gone With the Wind Fabulous."

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Ioiom Women's Sexy Front Cross One Piece Swimsuits

"This little outfit is a one-piece. What I love about this is that I am really fully covered. It's high-waisted. So, if you have a little area that you don't really want to show, I love this suit because it highlights the girls. It makes everything look nice and it just gives you that nice amount of coverage and support. The back is modestly cut, it's not a thong or anything."

"It comes in so many colors. To me, this is the perfect suit. I can put a jacket on over this. I can put jeans on over this. I can put shorts on over this. I can turn this outfit into something completely different. I paired it with this great crocheted skirt."

Womens Crochet Beach Cover Up Skirts

"I mean, I love this skirt. You can go to a nighttime party in this... if you're a little daring. If you want to show a little skin, you can. If you want to cover up a little bit more, you can. I love that the crocheted skirt has this beautiful high slit and you can see that I have these beautiful, beautiful sandals on."

Hinyyrin Rhinestone Sandals

"Do you see the crystals? Oh my god, so amazing."

"This is my favorite flat. It's gorgeous and it goes with everything." These sandals have 2,100+ five-star reviews from Amazon customers.

Luvamia Women's Casual Denim Shorts Frayed Raw Hem Ripped

"I paired the one-piece bathing suit with some little jean shorts as you can see." These shorts have 12,500+ 5-star reviews from Amazon customers.

Ekouaer Women's Swimsuit Beach Cover Up Shirt

"This great coverup is a beautiful color, but it comes in so many other colors as well, just like the suit. This is great in case it gets cold. Or maybe if you're going to a restaurant and want to be a little bit more conservative. Throw this coverup on and just grab this great bag."

Odyseaco Canvas Beach Bags for Women

"This beach bag is everything. It goes with EVERYTHING. It's so cute." It's available in six different prints. 

Hinyyrin Rhinestone Sandals

"These sandals are blue with these beautiful jewels. Look at how pretty that is. I know that's gorgeous, right? These sandals have 2,100+ five-star reviews from Amazon customers.

SHEKINI Women's Tie Side Bottom Padded Top Triangle Bikini Bathing Suit (3 Pieces)

"This is actually a three-piece outfit, which I love. It's got this cute little skirt coverup. The neckline is this 'U' shape, which I love because it makes the girls look nice. The bottom is just your normal bikini bottom. I love that this is pink."

It's available in more than 40 colors and prints. It has 2,700 five-star reviews from Amazon shoppers (so far). 

Mesh Long Sleeve Tie Front Swimsuit Maxi Cover Up Dress

"I love how you can just add another layer and do this beautiful, long, drapey situation. Look at how this is just giving you so much drama, honey. Look at the drama. Don't you love all of this drama? This is so beautiful. I love the pink. I love this so much."

This coverup is available in 14 colors and prints, ranging from vibrant to neutral. It has more than 5,400+ 5-star reviews from happy Amazon customers.

Shekini Women's Tie Side Bottom Padded Top Triangle Bikini Bathing Suit

"This is another bikini, together with the pink coverup this is fire. OK? Look at this pink and look at this pink, I mean come on. Do I not look like a Barbie doll?"

Mesh Long Sleeve Tie Front Swimsuit Maxi Cover Up Dress

"This is my little leopard situation. This is the same coverup as the pink. This can give you the drama that you need. If you want, you can cover this up and tie it. It's just beautifully draped. It just gives you all this beautiful drama."

"This comes in every color imaginable. It's a must-have."

Lilosy Sexy Self Tie Criss Cross Plunge Backless High Cut One Piece Swimsuit

"This orange is just so so poppin. This suit comes in so many different colors. It's so gorgeous. It's got a halter and you can tie it around your waist to get a snatched waist."

Vivianly Transparent Strap High Heels

"The orange is poppin. Look at this. Look at this heel. Together with the orange suit and leopard coverup, oh my god, it's fire. I love it."

SheIn Women's Snakeskin Bathing Suit One Piece Swimsuit

"This is one of my favorite suits because it has so much drama, OK? And it fits to perfection, but I will say if I were ordering this suit, I would go up two sizes because it does run a little small."

"This is so pretty. You see these cut-outs. This drama here is just so beautiful."

Vivianly Transparent Strap High Heels

"This is the same shoe as the orange, but this shoe comes in so many colors. This shoe is so comfortable on and it is so sexy. This is what everyone is wearing. It's got that clear, Lucite, plastic, situation. The heel looks tall, but it's really so comfortable and it comes in so many different colors like your orange and nude."

"I love this shoe because you can wear this with anything, especially the nude. It comes in a plethora of colors, so it will be your go-to shoe. It also elongates your leg. Your legs will look so long, luscious, and beautiful. You should buy them in every color."

Echoine Women's Jumpsuit Beach Swimsuit Mesh Cover Up

"Look at this lime green! This is a two-piece outfit. What I love is that it's your bathing suit top and it's pants that have a built-in swimsuit. And you can pair the look with this beautiful net bag." There are many colors to choose from.

Hoxis Mesh Beach Tote

"I love this net bag. You know how see-through bags are really popular right now. This bag has green and white. This one is so affordable if you're going to the beach. You don't want to take anything too expensive because it can get salt damage or sandy. You just want to have something like this."

This is the bag in Ice Blue, but there are eight other color options.

Lilosy Sexy Cutout One Shoulder High Cut Cheeky Brazilian Bikini Swimsuit Set

"You want to look hot and you want to feel confident. I have just the bathing suit for you. If you want a showstopper, here is your showstopper swimsuit. Look at this! Look at this gorgeous yellow. It's a cut-out bathing suit and it fits so well. It's a one-shoulder and I love the cut of this. If you look at the back, it has two straps and you can adjust the straps. It just fits so well." This showstopper is available in many different colors.

"It's just gorgeous and it's comfortable. Again, you want to size up. If I were buying this, I would size up two sizes. Pair this with a simple, white wrap."

Chuangdi Women Beach Wrap Sarong Cover Up- Set of 2

"If you want to be modest or maybe you don't want to stop traffic just yet so you just want to cover up a little bit, this simple little coverup comes in so many colors. Your blacks, your creams, your greys, your reds."

"This is very affordable and trust me, you will be doing so great by just adding this to your wardrobe. And, you know what? It can double as a head scarf. You can do so many other little things with it. You can be creative and experiment with fashion."

SheIn Women's Deep V-Neck Short Sleeve Tie Front Floral Print Ruffle Hem Dress

"If you don't want to wear a bathing suit to a party, you can put something on like this dress. Look at how beautiful it looks." There are 24 colors to choose from.

"Even your curvy girls can shop at Amazon and you can find something that fits your beautiful body. I love this because it has this elastic waist, which expands to go in and out however you need it.  I love that it's fun, flirty, and supportive. You can slip on a bathing suit underneath it and it's great. You can go to dinner in this."

"It's like a short sundress. You can go shopping in this, hang out by the pool, go to dinner. You can go anywhere in this." Kenya paired the dress with this nude beach bag.

Mesh Beach Tote Womens Shoulder Handbag

"I love this beach bag too. It's neutral in color. You can put anything in this bag and you'll be good. It's just beautiful and it's easy. You don't always have to try too hard at fashion. Whatever you put on is always going to be second to your natural beauty."

SheIn Women's Summer Sleeveless Floral Ruffle Strappy Beach Swing Dress

"Easy breezy. To me, this is sexy. It's sexy because you're not trying. You're not trying to look sexy, you just are. It's flirty and fun. I love the length of it. I love that it has this ruffle on the bottom. I paired it with this little bag and the crystal sandal in a cream sort of color."

Handwoven Round Rattan Bag Shoulder Leather Straps

"I mean, how cute is this bag? You've got to see the inside of this bag too. It's a little picnic bag." it's available in white and a natural, brown color.

SheIn Women's Sleeveless Floral Print Halter Neck Backless Short Romper

"This is so cute. She has her hat on, and, again, you can find it at Amazon. It's really easy breezy." Kenya paired it with a clear heel, saying, "You must buy this shoe. It makes your leg look long and super sexy. You need to get it in several colors."

Furtalk Womens Beach Sun Straw Hat UV UPF50

Kenya paired this hat with a striped romper.

Sakkas Georgettina Flowy Rhinestone V Neck Long Caftan Dress/Cover Up

"I have to show you how beautiful this thing looks. It is amazing. Actually, a girlfriend of mine purchased it and when I saw it, I was like, 'Oh my God. I love that.' It's one of those things that comes in so many different patterns and colors. Anyone can wear this. Anyone. 

"How gorgeous is this? I really feel like a true queen in this. It's comfortable, it's fashionable, and it has these little beads on it. You can wear this as a coverup or around the house. It. Is. Everything."

Myiaur Classic Sunglasses for Women Polarized Driving Anti-Glare 100% UV Protection

"These cute, little glasses, I would pair with something pink. These are the shades that you need in your life. Yes, shades. And I love that they're pink."

Butaby Rectangle Sunglasses for Women (Set of 2)

"These are other shades that I really love too. These are great, right? I. Love. These. Shades. They're simple. They're affordable. Anybody can grab these off of Amazon."

"They come in brown and they also come in black if you're trying to feel sophisticated."

Turandoss Dainty Layered Choker Necklace

"This is something that you need with every outfit, OK? I got this necklace at Amazon. This necklace is life.  You can put this on with any outfit and it instantly makes it look like it cost a million dollars. This is beautiful gold."

"You know what else I like about it? It's tiered. You don't have to find necklaces and figure out how they look together. You can put this on and you have three necklaces on. It's just beautiful. I love it. It's so pretty."

Acelitt Women's Sleeveless Hollow Out Twist Bodycon Dress

"This is another summertime dress. Look how beautiful this dress is. Simple, easy-breezy, and I like that it's not tight. It goes all the way to the knees. I love that it's just simple. And guess what? You can actually reverse this dress. The front of this dress could actually be the back too. This dress comes in so many colors. I love love love that dress."

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