Britney Spears Files Petition to Replace Jamie Spears as Conservator

Britney Spears has officially requested that a judge strip her father of his powers over her career. She nominated a certified public account to replace him as conservator of her estate.

By Lindsay Weinberg Jul 26, 2021 8:54 PMTags
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Britney Spears is moving forward with her wish to break free of her father, Jamie Spears.

The singer and her lawyer have filed legal documents to officially remove Jamie as the conservator of her estate, and Britney has nominated professional fiduciary Jason Rubin to be her new financial conservator, according to the July 26 petition obtained by E! News.

Jason, who is licensed by the Professional Fiduciaries Bureau, is also a certified public accountant and works with Certified Strategies, Inc, according to the filing. He has experience overseeing assets worth more than $35 million, per his website.

"Our personnel are bondable California licensed Professional Fiduciaries and have been court appointed to serve as conservator," reads the Certified Strategies website. "We are committed to provide dedicated and compassionate services to meet the various needs and special circumstances of each and every client including residency, health care, recreation, and rehabilitation. We seek to restore peace and facilitate conflict resolution among family members and related parties."

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The court document reveals that Britney has $2.7 million in cash assets and $54.7 million in non-cash assets,  making her estate worth $57.4 million. 

Britney's lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, requested that Jason receive the powers to manage her business deals, make investments for her and be given power of attorney.

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He also asked that Jason be granted "additional powers," including being able to authorize her professional opportunities (such as performing, recording, videos, tours and tv shows), as long as the conservator of her person and her medical team approve.

Jason's additional powers would include permission to: "take all actions necessary" to secure her estate; revoke powers of attorney including making health care decisions and managing real estate; maintain litigation about Britney, including prosecute civil harassment restraining orders; deal with Britney's taxes and accounts and hire attorneys, accountants, agents and employees and pay their expenses.

Jason said in the filing he had no prior relationship with Britney before "this matter."

"Ms. Spears respectfully submits that the Court should appoint her nominee... it is an objectively intelligent preference to nominate a highly qualified, professional fiduciary in this circumstance," reads the petition for appointment. "Moreover, Ms. Spears respectfully submits that, given the Court's recognition at the July 14, 2021, hearing that Ms. Spears has sufficient capacity to choose her own legal counsel, she likewise has sufficient capacity to make this nomination."

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During her recent court testimonies, Britney has said she wants her conservatorship to end. But if that's not possible, she at least wants to remove Jamie as conservator of her estate, a position he has held since she was placed in the conservatorship in 2008.

Britney's temporary conservator of her person, Jodi Montgomery, is approved in her role through Oct. 8. Jodi's security concerns were a topic of discussion during a court hearing on July 26, which E! News was present for. However, Brit's lawyer Mathew requested the conversation be continued at another time, because they're still working on coming to an agreement.

After the court hearing, he said in a statement to reporters, "Less than two weeks ago, we pledged that after 13 years of the status quo, my firm and I would move aggressively and expeditiously to file a petition to suspend and remove James P. Spears... We have done so, in less than two weeks. We look forward to litigating the matter in court."

The attorney also thanked his client, saying, "I once again want to thank Britney Spears for her courage and her fortitude. I want to thank her fans who've been incredibly supportive of her on social media and otherwise, throughout the country, throughout the world. And she deserves it and she appreciates it."

The "Criminal" artist said she will attend her hearing on Sept. 29.

E! News has reached out attorneys for Jamie and Britney for additional comment.

--Reporting by Alli Rosenbloom