Jenny Has One Last Ultimatum for Sumit in Shocking 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Trailer

Meet two new couples relocating for love on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, plus find out which 90 Day Fiancé fan favorites like Jenny and Sumit, and Kenneth and Armando are up to today.

By Samantha Bergeson Jul 26, 2021 6:44 PMTags

New country, same drama.

Hit TLC reality series 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way is back for season three as two new international couples travel around the world for love, and four returning duos struggle to make their relationships work abroad. O.G. cast members Jenny and Sumit seem to be no closer to tying the knot after the explosive season two finale when Sumit called off their wedding following his parents' disapproval.

"I surprised myself with the lengths I'm willing to go to stay here with Sumit," Jenny revealed in the shocking teaser trailer as she grows more accustomed to living in India.

But what will happen once her visa runs out again? 

"I am not going to keep leaving and coming back and leaving every damn six months!" she screams at Sumit. "And you're not going to tell me you're going to marry me every f––king time. That's it."

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Jenny is certainly not the only cast member to give an ultimatum to her fiancé: Ariela is fed up with Biniyam's control issues, and when their infant son Avi needs emergency surgery in the U.S., Ariela thinks twice about returning to Ethiopia to be with Biniyam. "I will never go back to Ethiopia after what you've done to me and Avi," Ariela cries on video chat. 

Thankfully, at least two 90 Day Fiancé couples are hearing happy wedding bells. Fan favorites Kenneth and Armando are planning their dream nuptials, as Kenneth jokes that Armando shouldn't "turn into a bridezilla."

Tumultuous duo Corey and Evelin are settling into life together in Ecuador, despite Corey's complaints that relocating "hasn't been easy" as he eats penis soup. Evelin also suffers from cold feet: "Most brides are excited but I am legit terrified," she stresses.

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New couple Ellie and Victor similarly face unforeseen challenges. "I'm thinking, 'I'm insane,'" Ellie sums up of moving to the Caribbean to be with Victor. "But I guess love makes you crazy."

But she quickly realizes her relationship with Victor is no paradise: "I don't need somebody that treats me like s––t," Ellie says to the camera. "It's the opposite of what I thought I was getting into. I thought I was in love, was I that desperate?" 

Alas, it seems only young loves Steven and Alina find their happily ever after. Or do they? 

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90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season three premieres on Sunday, Aug. 29 at 8 p.m. on TLC. 

Steven & Alina

Devout Utah Mormon Steven is risking everything to be with his Russian bride-to-be Alina, whom he met on a language app just a year ago. The closure of the Russian border during the coronavirus pandemic threatens to derail their wedding plans and forces the couple to tie the knot in Turkey instead. However, secrets of Steven's past and Alina's suspicions of infidelity begin to threaten their future together, and Alina questions if she truly knows the man she's about to marry.

Kenneth & Armando

Season two fan favorites Kenneth and Armando return to give audiences a glimpse into their wedding planning. Yet, the two don't see eye-to-eye when it comes to the budget for their big day, and will Armando's family ever truly support their marriage? Plus, the couple discuss expanding their family so Armando's young daughter Hannah can have another sibling. 

Ellie & Victor

Seattle-based restauranteur Ellie first fell head over heels for Victor while on vacation in South America two years ago. Their long-distance relationship has weathered trust issues, infidelity and financial concerns, but after a category five hurricane passes over Victor's small Colombian island of Providencia, Ellie has to put aside their differences to try to find the love of her life amidst devastating destruction.

Jenny & Sumit

The Other Way O.G.s are back again! Jenny has been living in India for a year, but she still doesn't know if she will ever marry long-time love Sumit due to his family's disapproval. Thankfully, Jenny's visa has been extended due to the pandemic, but what will happen once time runs out? Sumit's mother even offers to move in with them to train Jenny on how to be a more traditional Indian wife and daughter-in-law. Now, this we have to see. 

Ariela & Biniyam

Season two couple Ariela and Biniyam are making it work in Ethiopia eight months after welcoming their son, Avi. But, their happiness is interrupted after Ariela shares the news that Leandro, her ex-husband of ten years, has decided to come visit. With their relationship already on shaky ground, Biniyam is convinced that Leandro is only visiting to try and win Ariela back. Then, during a routine pediatrician appointment, Ariela and Biniyam learn that Avi needs emergency hernia surgery. Ariela decides that taking Avi to the U.S. to receive medical care is the best option, despite Biniyam begging her not to go for fear of her never returning, just like his first wife did with their young child. Ultimately, Ariela gives Biniyam one last option to save their relationship. Could Biniyam be making the move to America?

Corey & Evelin

On-again, off-again returning couple Corey and Evelin have finally started to plan their nuptials. Of course, wedding planning gets more complicated after Corey admits that he almost hooked up with another woman in Peru while he and Evelin were on a break, and Evelin drops a shocking bombshell of her own.