You Need to See Australia's Swim Coach Freak Out After Ariarne Titmus' Olympic Win

After synchronized swimmer Ariarne Titmus swam her way to a historic victory in the Tokyo Olympics, her coach, Dean Boxall, inadvertently stole the show with his must-see celebratory reaction.

By Kisha Forde Jul 26, 2021 2:52 PMTags
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Think you're having a great Monday? Wait until you see the video that's doing quite the lap on social media.
Following swimmer Ariarne Titmus' Olympic win, her coach Dean Boxell deserves a medal alone for his reaction alone since it's simply, well, pure gold. In the hilarious clip shared on TikTok, Dean had more than just a round of applause once Ariane beat Olympic champion Katie Ledecky for a gold medal in the best 400-meter freestyle in history on July 26. The 43-year-old coach told a small group of reporters after the race that he just "lost it."
"I think I went outside of my body," he told them, according to Sports Illustrated. "I just lost it." 
"Lost it" is an interesting choice of words considering not only did he pull off his mask and punch the air in celebration—which can be expected—but, it's the hip-swaying, thrusts of celebration outside of the barrier in the arena that's really worth the watch.

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"Americans might not like it, I don't know," Dean said of his impromptu moves. "But they jump around as much as me. But I can't help it. believe in my athletes. It's very simple, when the athletes leave the pool deck…they begin the recovery process and they switch off. I go home and try to find a way for them to get better. I don't turn it off. That's probably why I let it out."

With Ariarne's final time of three minutes and fifty-six seconds, she snagged a gold medal with the second-fastest time in history.
"That's a moment of being with this girl five years and having a dream together," Dean continued. "Katie was so far ahead of her when I started working with her, we couldn't even have the conversation [about competing with her]. Katie was an outlier."

The 20-year-old Olympic swimmer will go up against Katie three more times in Tokyo: in the 200 and 1,500-meter freestyles and the 800-meter relay. This of course, means that are at least three more chances we get to see her swim coach show us the coolest moves in his arsenal.
Set yourself week right by watching the comical clip above.

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