See Mila Kunis' Adorable Cameo in Husband Ashton Kutcher’s Instagram Video

Cryptocurrency, Mila Kunis laughing and stoner cat? You may be wondering, "What is happening in Ashton Kutcher's video?" E! News is here to help answer that question.

By Samantha Schnurr Jul 26, 2021 1:47 PMTags
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As one fan put it, "What is happening."

Indeed, there was a lot to unpack in Ashton Kutcher's new Instagram video. In fact, if you're unfamiliar with NFTs or cryptocurrency, the star's latest posts may feel like a different language. Still, if you're not exactly up to date on bitcoin, fans of Ashton and his other half Mila Kunis still got a rare sighting of the pair on the actor's Instagram feed within the last week and, as to be expected, it was kind of adorable.

In his first video, posted on Thursday, July 22, Kutcher shared the first episode of his Kutcher Kitchen Talks series, titled "KRYPTO with Kunis." During the clip, he asked his wife of six years questions like, "What's crypto?" and "What's decentralization?" We're no experts, but it definitely sounds like the star aced her hubby's quiz. 

In their second video days later, Ashton again included Vitalik Buterin, an early cryptocurrency adopter, and quizzed them once more, only this time on pop culture. 

"Vitalik," Kutcher asked in the July 25 footage, "can you name me a cast member from 90210?" Let's just say Buterin had his own clever answers—and Kunis found them hilarious. 

"Mila giggling uncontrollably on the couch," one comment read, "so damn cute!"

Mila Kunis' Best Roles

When asked what a stoner cat is, she told her husband that it's "the greatest NFT ever made." Meanwhile, Buterin jokingly replied, "It's a cat that beats scissor cat, but loses to paper cat." Cue the laughs from Kunis. 

Meanwhile, they all are very much in the know about stoner cat because they're involved in an upcoming animated series by the same name—and it's the first NFT animated series. 

Like we said—a lot to unpack.