Watch USA Rugby Star Abby Gustaitis Totally Fangirl Over Today's Carson Daly

USA Rugby star Abby Gustaitis is probably used to meeting a lot of people, but her latest interview following the Opening Ceremony had her fangirling over someone in particular: Carson Daly.

By Kisha Forde Jul 23, 2021 6:51 PMTags
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Abby Gustaitis is having all of her dreams come true, including the ones maybe thought of over at least two decades ago.
The 30-year-old USA rugby player sat down for an interview with the Today show on July 23, following the Opening Ceremony of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. And although host Hoda Kotb was the first to speak, she jokingly pointed out that it would be her co-host and TRL alum Carson Daly that would be at the helm of the interview since the team heard Abby was a huge fan.
Carson quipped to Abby, "So, you must've been ten years old watching Eminem videos, that's terrible."
And Abby, like almost every person glued to the TV in the late ‘90s and early ‘00s, responded, "TRL—that was the highlight of my day," she shared. "I'm running home from school, sprinting up my driveway. I'm turning MTV on to see Carson right there."

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Now appearing on television herself as co-captain of the Rugby team for the United States, Abby explained that she was more than ecstatic to hopefully lead her team into victory.

"We're super excited," she shared. "It's a group of twelve incredible women from all over the country—super diverse group of gals and I'm honored to lead them and we got our eyes on that gold medal. We wanna leave Tokyo with a medal around our neck."
And as far as the magic displayed during the July 23 Opening Ceremony? It's something the sports star guaranteed she'll never be able to forget, calling it "one of the most incredible nights of my life."

"I'll remember it forever," she continued. "Walking next to the American flag being carried by Sue [Bird] and Eddy [Alvarez] was surreal and I have goosebumps just thinking about it."
After Hoda joked about the athlete only caring about hearing from Carson, the former MTV VJ had one extremely important question to ask: Was Abby #Team 'N Sync or #Team Backstreet Boys?

Following a burst of laughter, the rugby player revealed her past allegiance with a swiftness, responding, "'N Sync, because of J.T. [Justin Timberlake]."

And with her answer, Carson also made the sweetest promise to the athlete following her participation in the Tokyo Games. "I'd love to meet you in person on the plaza," he said. "We'll recreate a TRL moment and give you a big old hug, so best of you luck to you."
Dreams really do come true!

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