Kevin Durant's Social Media at the Tokyo Olympics Deserves a Gold Medal

Basketball star Kevin Durant just proved his Instagram account is one to follow during the Tokyo Olympics. Check out the seriously golden moments he's already shared on social media.

By Samantha Schnurr Jul 23, 2021 2:54 PMTags
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While the Olympic Games have only just begun, Kevin Durant might as well just go ahead and claim his medal.

No, we don't have insight into the upcoming basketball matchups, but the NBA standout's social media activity has been, in a word, golden. Or as the kids might say, a vibe. The 32-year-old athlete, who is in Tokyo to compete in his third Olympics as a member of the United States men's basketball team, took fans behind the scenes of the Opening Ceremony on Friday, July 23 with some Instagram Lives...even if that doesn't exactly gel with the official rules. 

While they technically aren't supposed to share social media content containing audio or video of the opening and closing ceremony areas as well as the non-public areas, that didn't stop a number of athletes from capturing the milestone moment and delivering it to their followers, Durant included. 

On his Instagram account, the basketball pro went live as he appeared to be waiting to enter the Olympic Stadium with rest of the American athletes. At one point, he told viewers, "Shout out to my mom, you know what I'm saying, for making this masterpiece."

He also joked with someone walking next to him, candidly telling the person that they needed a Snickers because it was hot and they all have been on edge. 

2020 Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony

While in the stadium, Durant also captured meeting Joe Ryan, a pitcher on the men's baseball team. "I'm gonna check your ERA after the game," Durant told him. 

However, perhaps the most viral moment of Durant's time at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, finally kicking off a year late due to the coronavirus pandemic, was when the rest of the United States athletes sang "Happy Birthday" to him before heading into the stadium. 

The catch? His birthday is in September

Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images

Just another day in the life of KD, it seems. 

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