Camila Cabello Expertly Trolls Shawn Mendes' TikTok Attempt

Let's just say Shawn Mendes is still getting the hang of TikTok—and fans have noticed, including his girlfriend Camila Cabello. See her hilarious recreation of one of his videos below.

By Samantha Schnurr Jul 23, 2021 4:02 PMTags
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We might never be the same after this. 

We're talking about Camila Cabello brilliantly trolling her boyfriend Shawn Mendes. If you need a good laugh today, you're in luck—but first, let's rewind. Last week, the "Wonder" singer took to his TikTok account with a choppy video of himself singing parts of his latest remix, "KESI."

"Ok hit me with your best 'Baby, yeahs,'" he told viewers. However, the post wasn't the most expertly edited, to say the least. As Shawn admitted in the caption, "Ive been trying to make a Tik tok for 2 hours."

And it seems Camila wasn't going to let him forget it. In a post on Thursday, July 22, the "Havana" singer used Shawn's audio and recreated his video, down to the moment he awkwardly just stared into the camera. Honestly, you have to watch it to get the full—and truly hilarious—effect. 

Meanwhile, fans are trying to make sense of his amateur Tik Tok content. "Shawn," one comment read, "you're in your 20s and came up on vine its not hard lmao."

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Camila's not the only one having fun with Shawn's video. Fans have offered up their own recreations of the odd post, including Nick Jonas. "How'd I do Shawn?" the Jonas Brother asked. 


Ive been trying to make a Tik tok for 2 hours

? original sound - Shawn

Whatever kinks he's still working out on the platform, it seems Shawn has still been putting it to use, offering fans fun behind-the-scenes clips of him and Camila together. 

But, let's just say the recreations of Shawn's eyebrow-raising post may be the best way to waste time this Friday. Enjoy. 

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