This Tinder User’s Plan to Match With Athletes at the Olympic Village Might Have Actually Worked

One TikTok creator just took dating preferences to the next level. Find out why Tinder users are flooding Tokyo’s Olympic Village in hopes of swiping right on an athlete.

By Elana Rubin Jul 22, 2021 9:33 PMTags
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Who wouldn't want to swipe right on a potential gold medalist?

Well, one TikToker cracked the dating code when it comes to matching with athletes competing at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. "I paid for Tinder Plus so I can swipe in the Olympic Village and date an Olympian," Reed Kavner explained on the app, showing his geo-filter set to Tokyo, where the Games are taking place.

As the video scrolled past dating profiles purported to belong to the likes of Estonian biathlete Grete Gaim and Canadian swimmer Katerine Savard, the audio remarked, "Boat, swim, wow winner, oh sh-t please don't kill me."

The day after Reed shared his not-so-secret Olympic dating trick, he tweeted, "Last night I made a TikTok about changing my Tinder location to put myself in the Olympic Village so that I can fall in love with an Olympian (medalist preferred)."

Reed was impressed that 2 million people viewed his video, but unfortunately, his plan sort of backfired. "Now Olympic Village Tinder is flooded with non-Olympians," he stated.

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But all hope was not lost. Reed posted a response he says he received from Katerine on Tinder, which read, "Hahaha j'adore," with a slew of laughing emojis and a winky face.

The 2016 Rio Olympics Bronze medalist commented on his TikTok, "Hahaha j'adore," with a slew of laughing emojis and a winky face. Reed seemed absolutely perplexed by his master plan, tweeting in response, "It...worked?"

Looks like it did, Reed. Now go get that Olympic-level love.

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