Kevin Hart Just Blasted Nick Cannon's Phone Number on Billboards Across the Nation

Kevin Hart got his revenge on Nick Cannon by offering strangers the Wild 'N Out's phone number with the promise of "fatherhood" advice.

By Cydney Contreras Jul 22, 2021 8:15 PMTags
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For Kevin Hart's birthday, Wild N' Out's Nick Cannon gifted the comedian a llama, so naturally Kevin thanked him by sharing his number with thousands of people across America.

As Kevin explained on Instagram, "Since my brother @nickcannon decided to buy me a lama for my B Day I decided to do something nice for him as well….Here is a digital billboard in Los Angeles."

Said billboard lists Nick's phone number, with the message, "For any advice on fatherhood ? Call my best friend Nick Cannon." 

Nick confirmed the digits are linked to his phone on Instagram, writing that he is being inundated with calls from strangers. "@kevinhart4real is a asshole," the Love Don't Cost a Thing actor added. 

The father of seven even took some FaceTime calls from fans, who were clearly shocked to learn it was his actual phone number.

Despite the name calling, Kevin seems pretty please with himself, as his Instagram caption read, "GOTCHA BACK BITCH #PRANKWARS."

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Nick pulled his first practical joke on Kevin earlier this month, a moment the birthday boy shared on Instagram. At the time, Kevin shared a photo of his new pet, calling Nick "one of the biggest assholes on the planet."

There were no hard feelings though, with Kevin still referring to Nick as his "brother for life."

And he said in a separate video, "This is the most childish s--t I've ever seen in my life. This is extremely childish and I don't understand his point."

Nick eventually explained his reasoning for sending the animal to Kevin's home, but the comedian still wasn't thrilled. "I love you man!!! I'm having all these new kids I figured you should have a new kid too!!" Nick joked. "Welcome Lucky The Llama to the family!! #SaveTheDrama4YourLlama."


It's unclear what happened to Lucky the llama, but it seems these two have settled the score, at least for now. 

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