Watch Simone Biles Prepare Her Jaw-Dropping Yurchenko Double Pike in Olympics Practice

Simone Biles is ready to make history at the Tokyo Olympics. Watch as she prepares her Yurchenko Double Pike move for the Games.

By Kisha Forde Jul 22, 2021 1:20 PMTags
Watch: Why Simone Biles Is The G.O.A.T.

Simone Biles is once again bending over backwards to defy a little thing called gravity.
The 24-year-old decorated gymnast has been busy gearing up to compete in the Tokyo Olympics, which includes practicing her breathtaking move: the Yurchenko Double Pike. Luckily for us, the outstanding maneuver was recorded for all to see (and to marvel at) on July 22.
In a video shared on Twitter by @NBCOlympics, Simone is seen nailing the vault with the same precision fans have come to know and love, and slight warning: it will inspire you to at least practice a small cartwheel.
As for what a Yurchenko Double Pike is broken down: the move consists of a roundoff onto the springboard, followed by a back handspring onto the vault. Simone made history by being the first woman to land the move in competition back in May 2021. And yes, the vault is incredibly hard to land, but this is Simone Biles after all.

Every Time Simone Biles Proved She Is the GOAT

Once the clip of her practicing the jaw-dropping move made its rounds on social media, Simone retweeted a hilarious post that spoke to her skill set.

"IOC said no spectators," a fan tweeted on July 22, "So @Simone_Biles said I'll just bring my own biles family….yurchenko double pike, double double off beam, triple double and double lay half on floor."
And if you think that video was enough to get you ready for this year's Olympics, wait until you scroll down for our full list of the U.S. gymnasts competing in Tokyo.

Simone Biles

Age: 24

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

What to Know: Simply put, she's the GOAT. Not only does Simone have five Olympic medals (a figure that's bound to increase in Tokyo), she's the most decorated American gymnast of all time. 

Sam Mikulak

Age: 28

Hometown: Newport Coast, California

What to Know: This two-time Olympian and six-time national all-around champ is a prominent mental health advocate within the sport. After a series of devastating losses between 2013 and 2018, Sam turned to a sports psychologist, who helped him prioritize gratitude over perfection. 

Sunisa Lee

Age: 18

Hometown: St. Paul, Minnesota

What to Know: Suni is preparing for a major comeback after an incredibly tough 2020. Not only were her Olympic dreams dashed, the incoming Auburn University freshman broke her foot and lost two family members to COVID-19 just weeks apart. Now she's making history as the first Hmong American athlete to rep the U.S. at the Olympics. 

Brody Malone

Age: 21

Hometown: Summervile, Georgia

What to Know: The Stanford University student emerged as the breakout star of the men's gymnastics team after placing first at the Olympic trials. Brody's longtime girlfriend was present as he clinched a spot on Team USA, describing him on Instagram as the "most deserving person I have ever met."

Jordan Chiles

Age: 20

Hometown: Vancouver, Washington

What to Know: After nearly quitting gymnastics in 2018, Jordan got a second chance at rediscovering her passion for the sport when Simone Biles convinced her to move to Texas to train alongside her. What blossomed was a beautiful friendship that's sure to only grow stronger at the Games. 

Yul Moldauer

Age: 24

Hometown: Fort Collins, Colorado 

What to Know: Yul, who was adopted from South Korea as a baby, has used his platform to bring attention to the recent rise in anti-Asian hate. In March, the University of Oklahoma grad detailed an incident in which a woman driving next to him yelled, "Go back to China." He told Today of the experience, "It hurts to know that you have to represent people who have discrimination in them. You represent the entire country when you wear the U.S. flag on your jersey."

MyKayla Skinner

Age: 24

Hometown: Gilbert, Arizona

What to Know: After making the Rio 2016 team as an alternate, the pressure was on for the University of Utah alum to stick her last chance at Olympic glory. Over the past year, Mykayla overcame an Achilles injury and a bout with pneumonia that required hospitalization. Her hard work paid off, making her the oldest female U.S. Olympic gymnast since 2004. 

Shane Wiskus

Age: 22

Hometown: Spring Park, Minnesota

What to Know: Following a disappointing appearance at the 2021 U.S. Championships, Shane redeemed himself at the trials to secure a spot on Team USA. In September, he made headlines after leaving the University of Minnesota to train in Colorado because the school cut its men's gymnastics program.

Grace McCallum

Age: 18

Hometown: Isanti, Minnesota

What to Know: In early 2021, the teen was forced to take precious time away from the gym following hand surgery, during which she had a plate and seven screws installed. The obstacle only improved Grace's focus heading into the Olympic trials. As she described to, "I know it'll be hard, but it'll all be worth it in the end."

Alec Yoder

Age: 24

Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana

What to Know: The men's gymnastics selection committee picked the Utah State University alum for an individual spot. Following the death of his coach, Gene Watson, in April 2020, Alec vowed to achieve his Olympic dreams in his memory. "My goal was to win that Olympic medal and put it around your neck," he wrote on Facebook. "I'll keep training towards that goal Gene. That's what you would want."

Jade Carey

Age: 21

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

What to Know: Jade will only compete in individual events at the Tokyo Olympics, having qualified through the Apparatus World Cup Series in 2018, 2019 and 2020. In doing so, she forfeited the opportunity to participate in the team competition.

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