How Ted Lasso's Roy and Keeley Are Just Like Your Favorite Disney Couple

In an exclusive chat with E! News, Ted Lasso stars Juno Temple and Brett Goldstein compared their characters to a beloved Disney couple.

By Alyssa Ray Jul 22, 2021 4:00 PMTags
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A tale as old as time.

In an exclusive chat with E! News, Ted Lasso stars Juno Temple and Brett Goldstein dished on their beloved characters, including their thoughts on why gruff footballer Roy and warm-hearted model Keeley work so well together. Specifically, the co-stars agreed that the perfect analogy for the on-screen couple was Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

"Someone in press used the example of Beauty and the Beast," Temple explained to E!. "And I think that really hit home with us, as it kind of fits that classic fairy tale of the unbreakable façade of a angry, beautiful, mysterious man. And then the kind of bouncy, sweet-timed girl. You know, she chips away at him. And finally she cracks through and underneath is a Prince Charming."

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While Goldstein agreed with this comparison, he did mention that Roy was more of a "progressive Beast," quipping, "You know, she's not locked in. He'd like to lock her in, but he knows enough to know that's probably not fair. That'd probably be frowned upon these days. So, he does let her come and go…other than that they're exactly Beauty and the Beast."


This fairytale comparison has us hoping that the on-screen couple is in it for the long haul. And it seems we aren't the only ones as Goldstein assured viewers that "it's looking positive" for the duo in season two.

"They're making it to episode two," he further promised. "I've got high hopes for them."

Yet, as fans of the show well know, season one ended with Roy and Keeley being in totally different points in their careers. For Keeley, she just started to find her footing as the communication expert for AFC Richmond. As for Roy? He found himself embracing the idea of retirement after giving it his all in the final match.

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According to the show's stars, the new season will feature Roy and Keeley learning how to support one another. "I think that's going to be a really interesting thing for people to see in season two," Temple said of this dynamic. "Because, it's quite rare that you see a relationship that's already gotten together and is now existing in time and making it work with the hurdles that get thrown at you every day. And they have to do that, you know, they have to understand what each other's problems are right now, and how they're going to be the best partner in crime to accompany those pathways for each other."

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That's sweeter than any Disney movie we've watched!

For more of Temple and Goldstein, watch the exclusive interview above.

Ted Lasso season two premieres Friday, July 23 on Apple TV+.

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