Watch the Jonas Brothers Hilariously Challenge the Hemsworth Brothers to a UFC Fight

Are the Jonas Brothers holding a grudge against Nick's ex Miley Cyrus? They explained why they want to fight the Hemsworth brothers to Jimmy Fallon.

By Elana Rubin Jul 21, 2021 5:15 PMTags

Joe Jonas really said he wants to fight his brother's ex-girlfriend Miley Cyrus' ex-husband Liam Hemsworth.

But, it's all in good fun. Joe and his brothers, Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas, appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote their special, Olympic Dreams Featuring Jonas Brothers. While visiting, Joe joked that the brothers were inspired from all of the recent YouTuber boxing matches.

"We're going to have a big UFC match," he said. "It's gonna be us vs. the Hemsworth brothers. The Hemsworths haven't e-mailed us back yet, but I think it's gonna be big."

Jimmy Fallon responded that maybe there are other Hemsworth brothers they could fight. Quick-witted Joe answered, "A little bit closer to our height as well."

With the Olympics drawing closer, the band also teased their upcoming sporty special. Kevin explained the concept: The brothers trained with Olympic athletes for a week and then competed against each other. But things got a little dangerous when Nick broke his rib. Luckily, he's better now, even though his injury coincided with many jobs, the youngest in the band said.

"We get it, Nick, you're famous," Joe fired back.

Jonas Brothers Through the Years

The brothers also talked about how they're excited for their upcoming Remember This tour. Nick noted that they were one of the last acts to perform on tour before the coronavirus pandemic, and they're one of the first to get back onstage in front of live audiences.

Nick, Kevin and Joe also discussed their families watching throwback videos of them.

Kevin mentioned how his daughters, Alena Rose, 7, and Valentina Angelina, 4, perceive their dad and his brothers due to their fame. "They see us as the people they saw in Hannah Montana in that one episode we did with her," he jokingly explained about the 2007 Disney Channel episode the band guest-starred on. "They're completely obsessed with that show now. They think we're those people, every day."

"She did say that Nick is the funniest when his hair is puffy, so bringing it back to that Hannah Montana days," Kevin added, referencing Nick's curlier voluminous hair in the late 2000s.

Nick replied, "It's getting puffy once again. It's growing out here, so she can be real happy."

Olympic Dreams Featuring Jonas Brothers airs on NBC 8 p.m. tonight, July 21.

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