I Love a Mama's Boy Is Back and More Uncomfortable Than Ever

Get to know the new and returning cast members of I Love a Mama's Boy season two through an interesting new trailer. Plus, see their cast portraits

By Alyssa Ray Jul 21, 2021 6:00 PMTags

Two's company, three's a crowd.

We have a much better understanding of that saying after catching the season two trailer of TLC's I Love a Mama's Boy, which returns August 29, E! News can exclusively announce. Once more, the docuseries dives into the, er, interesting dynamics between men, their significant others and their overbearing mothers.

Returning couple Matt and Kim are still attempting (and pretty much failing) to create boundaries with Matt's mom Kelly, especially as wedding planning unfolds. "I love Matt so much," the bride-to-be laments in the first look above. "But Matt's always struggled with setting boundaries with his mom."

Case in point: Matt's seen picking a rose and placing it in his mother's hair. Of course, that's a lovely gesture, but his fiancée was standing right next to him.

Matt, Kim and Kelly aren't the only trio to return as last season's Stephanie, Mike and mom Liz and Emily, Shekeb and mom Laila are also back. And, as the new trailer teases, things are as uncomfortable as ever.

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Specifically, moms Laila and Liz are still influencing their sons regarding big life decisions. This is something newcomer Tracy can relate to as her future mother-in-law Jayne has no clue she's interfering in their lives.

After Tracy calls fiancé Bryan "a package deal," Jayne defends, "My relationship with my son Bryan is very close and normal."


Yes, Jayne makes Bryan breakfast every day, but at least she's not giving him head massages and feeding him like a baby like the other moms.

Get to know the season two cast of I Love a Mama's Boy by watching the exclusive trailer above and scrolling through the cast portraits below.

Kim, Matt and Mom Kelly

As Kelly tries to take over Matt and Kim's wedding and their new house, a job offer in Texas derails everyone's plans. While Matt contemplates his future, Kim and Kelly go head to head for his love and affection. 

Emily, Shekeb and Mom Laila

Emily and Shekeb are back together, but the women will have to accept each other if the couple can truly move forward. Emily is sure that a ring on her finger will force progress, while Laila holds her ground and tries to convince Shekeb otherwise. 

Stephanie, Mike, and Mom Liz

Stephanie and Mike are at a fork in the road. Stephanie wants to go one way to follow her dreams, while Liz is waving Mike over in the opposite direction to plant roots close to her. Their bond may not be strong enough to survive Liz, as her meddling and bad advice may finally pull these two apart for good. 

Tracy, Bryan and Mom Jayne

Jayne is oblivious to how she interferes in her son's life, wedding, marriage and now honeymoon! Tracy needs to set the record straight and create boundaries they can all live by, but Bryan's loyalty to his mom erases any line Tracy draws. As Jayne makes the honeymoon more about her vacation time than watching the kids, Tracy and Bryan struggle to find any romance and alone time. It's more of a honeymoon from hell!

Tia, Theous and Mom Carolyn

Carolyn expects Theous to be at her beck and call, but Tia needs him to draw some boundaries with his mom before she'll meet him down the aisle. Carolyn's bad knee makes her extra needy of Theous' time, but that doesn't stop her from intruding into every aspect of their lives, including a Vegas vacation.

I Love a Mama's Boy returns Sunday, August 29 at 10 p.m. on TLC.

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