Megan Fox Recalls "Belligerent" Golden Globes Experience That Led Her to Quit Drinking

Megan Fox doesn't drink alcohol—and her evening at the 2009 Golden Globes has something to do with that. For the star's candid behind-the-scenes story, keep reading.

By Samantha Schnurr Jul 21, 2021 3:34 PMTags

As Megan Fox bluntly put it, "Now I don't drink and this is why."

The star was referring to her experience at the 2009 Golden Globes—one that was so significant, it spurred a major change in the then-22-year-old actress' life. As the Till Death actress recalled in a Who What Wear video, she was seated at a table with fellow young stars Blake Lively and the Jonas Brothers and helped herself to the bottles of champagne at the notably boozy event.

"I went through multiple glasses of that," she recalled before noting she no longer drinks. "I was belligerent and said a bunch of s--t I shouldn't have said on the red carpet after that. I think I got in a lot of trouble for whatever I said on the red carpet at this event. I don't remember why but I know that I did. You can look that up."

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So, we did. In an interview with former E! Live from the Red Carpet co-host Giuliana Rancic, the Transformers alum told her, "I'm pretty sure I'm a doppelgänger for Alan Alda," and called herself a transphobic slur. 

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Of Salma Hayek, Fox said, "I really want her boobs. Those are the most amazing boobs." When Rancic asked her if her then-fiancé Brian Austin Green was there, the star answered, "He doesn't want to be here. He doesn't want to be my date. He's a man. He has an ego."

As she revealed in the Who What Wear video, there's something else that really bothers her from that event: her hair. "I hate wearing my hair back like this," she said. "I cannot believe I allowed this to happen because I have a huge, round forehead, so I hate wearing my hair slicked back like that."