Mindy Kaling Reveals What Bothered Her About Working on The Office

Mindy Kaling explained to Andy Cohen about a "pet peeve" she had while filming her role as Kelly on the beloved NBC series The Office.

By Ryan Gajewski Jul 21, 2021 7:39 AMTags
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Mindy Kaling's The Office character got annoyed plenty of times, but as it turns out, the actress herself would sometimes get frustrated while shooting the beloved comedy.

The 42-year-old Never Have I Ever co-creator appeared on Watch What Happens Live on Tuesday, July 20, where host Andy Cohen got her to come clean about an aspect of NBC's Emmy-winning series that she wished she could change.

"Do you have a No. 1 co-worker pet peeve?" Andy asked the Late Night actress. This led Mindy to reply, "No. 1 co-worker pet peeve? We used to keep The Office set very cold. It was like 60 degrees."

She added, "And I remember not being able to do anything about that. It's just a little cold."

Andy clearly got a kick out of this response and replied, "Monitor of the temp!"

Elsewhere during the interview, Andy asked Mindy about the fact that she and Brooklyn Nine-Nine co-creator Dan Goor are currently working on the script for the third film in the Legally Blonde franchise

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When asked if there's anything that intimidates her about working on a sequel to such a beloved project, Mindy answered, "I think it's just capturing the voice. And also, things like the 'bend and snap'—there's so many iconic moments in that, that we have to come up with our new version of that. So that's intimidating."

Andy also asked for the status of their script, to which Mindy replied, "We're still working on our kind of first draft."

Long story short, this conversation leads us to ask about writing a sequel to a classic movie, "What, like it's hard?"

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Watch Mindy's candid answer to Andy's "pet peeve" question in the above video.

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