Yes, Even The Sex/Life Intimacy Coordinator Thought Bridgerton's Sex Scenes Were "Amazing"

From a Saturday Night Live parody to Bridgerton breaking the Internet, intimacy coordinators are the new A-listers. Find out Sex/Life's intimacy expert Casey Hudecki's hot take.

By Samantha Bergeson Jul 18, 2021 3:00 PMTags

Is it getting hot in here?

Steamy Netflix series Sex/Life has redefined what it means to be NSFW (thank god we're all working at home anyways!) with racy shower scenes and getting it on in the backseat of the family car. Yet with every orgasm comes one failed erection, and as married mom Billie (Sarah Shahi) finds out, sometimes fantasy is better than reality. Now, can we all get in a throuple with her two men, Cooper (Mike Vogel) and Brad (Adam Demos)? 

IRL, Sex/Life intimacy coordinator Casey Hudecki is working hard behind-the-scenes to make every potentially awkward moment look flawlessly flirty onscreen. While fans cross their fingers for a season two, Hudecki exclusively dished on the rise of intimacy coordinators in Hollywood—and why they should be really thought of as stunt coordinators instead. 

"I had been in the business for a couple of decades as an actor, stunt performer and fight coordinator, and so I had experience with simulated sex—usually sexual violence with stunts—both in front and behind the camera," Hudecki revealed to E! News on July 16. "I was well-suited to intimacy coordinating, but that being said, I still went through a certification and mentorship process."

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Training for intimacy work includes "advocacy, choreography elements, movement coaching, mental health, first aid and a deep understanding of consent and power dynamics," Hudecki explained. "I had also performed scenes of simulated sex and nudity, so I really understood on an experiential level how nerve-wracking that can be and confusing. So, now it feels really good to fill those gaps in the industry."

With an emphasis on making the process "safer and happier" for everyone involved, Hudecki can't help but admire the work of fellow coordinators in her field. "I think Lizzy Talbot did an amazing job on Bridgerton," Hudecki added. "But also I May Destroy You was fantastic, Euphoria. There's a lot of interesting work being done with trans and queer actors. Just the diversity of sex, those stories that we can tell are opening up because we are creating that safe space."


Intimacy coordinators start in prep ("We don't come in at the last minute to hold your hand") to craft the vision for each sex scene. "What's the maximum amount of nudity, what actions do we really need?" Hudecki noted. "We were really lucky on Sex/Life because we got a lot of rehearsals, and those help the actors get out of their heads and just perform because they already know what to expect, what their modesty garments are going to be. I think that goes a long way to protecting our performers' mental health in this industry." 

Of course, there are plenty of laughs while filming steamy scenes. "One of my favorite moments was we were choreographing part of the sex montage when Billie is simulating oral sex, and we just had this stand-in in that position with their shield on," Hudecki quipped about filming during the coronavirus pandemic. "I think you have to picture how we shot these because they are essentially naked, kissing each other, and all around these performers are people in masks, shields, gloves, gowns. And it's so funny. There was an absurd element to shooting this series that was just amplified by the pandemic." 

After that jaw-dropping Sex/Life finale, we can't wait to see what "equally sexy" project Hudecki works on next. 

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