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We know it's still another eight months until the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, but that doesn't mean we can't have our own little competition every now and again.

The judges have tallied their scores and named the top three most popular Fanpages in the categories of Musician, Actor, Twilighter and Why-Am-I-Famous? person.

Before you click around to see our winners, we'll tell you Supernatural star Jensen Ackles missed medaling by just a hair. We even had to use instant replay to be sure (we know you fans are legion—keep clicking the vote!). Former champs Kim Kardashian and Spencer Pratt missed their marks (not like Bret Michaels, though, so no worries). And New Moon's Taylor Lautner must have fallen on his triple axel or something, because he didn't even land on the podium!

Most Popular Musician

  • GOLD: Adam Lambert—The American Idol runner-up seemingly can do no wrong in this competition and his coming-out party in Rolling Stone surely didn't hurt.
  • SILVER: Miley Cyrus—The starlet's recent nose piercing may not have pleased the German judge, but her breakup with underwear model Justin Gaston to potentially reunite with Nick Jonas was salacious and search-worthy.
  • BRONZE: Britney Spears—We told you about her new boyfriend, Jason Trawick, months ago, and the recent changes to her custody agreement with Kevin Federline weren't the most interesting stuff on the site this week, but this pop star's light remains ever-shining.

Most Popular Actor/Actress

  • GOLD: Megan Fox—She's hot and she says wildly inappropriate things on an hourly basis. If we didn't write this stuff, we'd be clicking on her name too.
  • SILVER: Angelina Jolie—The person at the top of the podium really wants us to stop comparing her with our runner-up, so we won't do it. Her humanitarian efforts and hot mama status leave us hoping Fox skips out on appearances so we can dethrone her and name Angie our queen (sound familiar?).
  • BRONZE: Bradley Cooper—Perhaps whilst you were reading up on The Hangover, you decided to double-check the rumors of his tryst with Jennifer Aniston. They were false. We think. Maybe. Keep checking.

Most Popular Twilighter

  • GOLD: Robert Pattinson—Even though he phoned in his performance this week, there was no real competition here. Pattz is a vampy babe who's been trolling around New York City with pals and new costar Emilie De Ravin. What more do you expect from your reigning champ?
  • SILVER: Kristen Stewart—Even with a mullet, we're just clicking away to watch her every pout. We just hope her hair grows back quickly once she's finished with this Joan Jett role.
  • BRONZE: Dakota Fanning—The upset of the season! In addition to her role in New Moon, she's been moonlighting as K.Stew's bestie, having lunch and everything. They're even doing that Joan Jett movie together, but she doesn't have to have a hideous haircut.

Most Popular Why-Am-I-Famous? Person

  • GOLD: Kendra Wilkinson—The numbers don't lie, people. Our golden girl brings home the bacon! Between her hit show, Kendra, her birthday, her upcoming nuptials and her recently announced pregnancy, she's had a busy week…and we couldn't be more proud!
  • SILVER: Kate Gosselin—When you run as many repeat errands as the Jon & Kate Plus 8 reality star with marital problems, you're bound to win an award for somethin'. That, and we didn't feel comfortable creating an award for denying children a sip of water.
  • BRONZE: Shanna Moakler—Apparently, the Carrie Prejean news Donald Trump'd the sad, sad tale of the breakup of former favorites Doug Reinhardt and Paris Hilton. We can't blame you, though. We wanted to hear what the outspoken former pageant runner had to say about the unseated beauty queen as well.

Lastly, there's Twitter, for which we deserve an award for sure. Follow us and see @eonline!

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