Carrie Prejean may have appeared sweet with Sean Hannity last night, but this morning on the Today show, she came out swingin'.

The dethroned Miss California maintained her stance that she was ousted for her political beliefs regarding gay marriage—not for violating her contract, as the Miss California USA Organization claims—but this time she got heated.

Matt Lauer pointed out that, if that were true, why would Donald Trump have stood by her answers at the Miss USA pageant during a press conference one month ago but changed his tune this week?

"I think Donald Trump was really tired of being in the middle," Prejean insisted. "He has a business to run, and I had to call him and ask him, 'Hey, can I volunteer for the Special Olympics this weekend?' 'Hey, can I go visit the troops on the USS Ronald Reagan?' Everything I had brought to Mr. Lewis' [Keith Lewis, head of the Miss California USA Organization] attention of appearances I wanted to make, he declined. Therefore, this is definitely a one-way street here."

Lauer points out that this statement goes directly against everything Lewis, the pageant head, told him yesterday, and that's when Prejean got heated.

"Did he give you specific appearances that I have missed, scheduled appearances that I have missed, Matt?" she snipped, gesturing angrily. "What are those 'tens and tens and tens'? I'd really love to know, because since the press conference, it's only been one month. I mean, how many appearances can I do in one month, really?"

She also got defensive about her actions prior to the Miss USA pageant, pointing out that her marching orders were not to worry about appearances but to keep her eyes on the prize of winning the big crown for her state.

"It is a setup," she said about five times, appearing much more agitated than she was during her relatively tame Hannity appearance while insisting that Lewis has his own "hidden agenda."

Chick is ticked.


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