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Operation Iraqi Stephen - Golf Club & George W. Bush's Greeting
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George W. Bush: Great surprise guest, or greatest surprise guest?

The former commander-in-chief and longtime hero to Stephen Colbert (or at least his blowhard alter ego) appeared on last night's Colbert Report to deliver a message of support to the troops while managing to expertly avoid any use of the words "mission" or "accomplished."

"Laura and I send our greetings to our servicemen and women," Bush said in his pretaped message. "Your achievements in Iraq have earned you a special place in American history.

"You are men and women of great courage and endurance, and that's gonna come in handy. I've sat through some of Stephen's stuff before."

"I've gotta say, I miss that guy," the newly shorn Colbert said after the video message—which, for the record, garnered less rapturous applause than that of the week's other surprise presidential shout-out.

Last night's episode was the final show to be taped from Baghdad's Camp Victory as part of Colbert's weeklong USO tour.

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