What Sex/Life's Sarah Shahi Has to Say About Season One's Jaw-Dropping Ending

In an exclusive chat with E! News, Sex/Life star Sarah Shahi shared her thoughts on that unexpected ending. Plus, learn her hopes for season two.

By Alyssa Ray Jul 14, 2021 9:47 PMTags
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There's a reason Sex/Life has become summer's most talked about show.

No, we aren't talking about that headline-making shower scene, rather, the season one finale stunned viewers as it ended with housewife Billie (Sarah Shahi) betraying husband Cooper (Mike Vogel) by beginning an affair with bad-boy ex-boyfriend Brad (Adam Demos).

In fact, even the show's leading lady was blown away by the unexpected conclusion. "I have to say Stacy Rukeyser and her writers are such an incredible group," Sarah exclusively told E! News. "My jaw was to the ground pretty much at the end of every episode. But, I definitely didn't expect for it to go there because, you know, you keep hearing Billie over and over again, and she says, 'I love my husband.'"

While some may feel that Billie's decision is a selfish one, Sarah revealed that she sees it differently. "She's not ignoring her children, she's not ignoring the needs of her husband," she defended. "There is just a part of her that's missing, and she's really struggling trying to feel it again."

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As she continued, Sarah called the final beat of the series empowering and liberating. "I love it," she explained. "For me, what it comes down to is having the guts to say I want more and going after that. And that doesn't make you a bad parent to want that. You can still be a wife and a mom and be a sexual goddess at the same time."


Though Sarah has her stance on the controversial scene, she's ultimately just thrilled by the debate Sex/Life has caused, adding, "I think that really good art, really good storytelling is something that's supposed to create dialogue."

While there's currently no season two news for Sex/Life, Sarah said she's hoping to continue on Billie's journey of self-discovery.

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"I'm pretty sure if we get a season two the fantasy will continue in some way or another, because it sure is fun to watch," she concluded. "But I really do hope the emphasis stays on Billie as this independent woman going out and fulfilling her desires, no matter what they are or who they're with."

Sex/Life is available to stream on Netflix.

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