How Connie Britton Is Raising Her Black Son Amid a "Racial Reckoning"

While appearing on The View, Connie Britton explained why raising her 10-year-old Black son has become “complicated and painful" in a year of racial unrest.

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When it comes to raising her son, Connie Britton absolutely has clear eyes and full hearts.

Back in 2011, life changed for the actress when she adopted her son Eyob from Ethiopia. Nearly 10 years later, Connie is raising her growing boy in a country experiencing a "racial reckoning."

During an appearance on The View on July 14, Connie described the past year as her son continues to understand the world around him.

"It's been complicated and painful as I think it has been for everybody for different reasons and in different ways," she told Sunny Hostin and the co-hosts. "For me, I am going through my own reckoning of the privilege that I've been raised with and in and grown up in and have been able to create my life in." 

Connie continued, "At the same time, I'm raising a Black boy in America and at the end of the day, he's my son. I will fight to the end for him."

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While The White Lotus star has a lot of knowledge to pass onto her son, Connie is the first to admit she doesn't know everything.

As she explained, "For me, I have to learn as much as I can, educate him as much as I can about not only where he's from and who he is—and we've done that from day one—but also help him understand what's happening in the world."

Although Connie tries to keep her family life on the private side, the 54-year-old producer has shed light on her parenthood journey.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Connie explained just how much she wanted to be a parent.  


"I had no idea what I was even getting into," she told Andy Cohen in January. "So, it wasn't so much 'I can do this' as much as I knew I wanted to be a mom. And, in truth, both of my parents had passed away within three years, and suddenly I was like, 'Oh, no. My family is no more.' I mean, I have a twin sister, but that was a big loss, losing my parents. And I wasn't in a relationship that felt like it was going to be a marriage relationship."

"And so I was like, ‘What am I waiting for? I know I want to adopt. I can do this,'" Connie continued. "But that was a little delusional because it turns out it's a really hard thing to do, but I would only encourage anybody to do it. You can do it!"

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