The Real Story Behind Olivia Rodrigo’s White House Meeting With President Biden

Olivia Rodrigo dropped by the White House for a meeting with President Biden and we’ve got the details on why the “Good 4 U” star is sitting down with the administration.

By Kisha Forde Jul 14, 2021 5:54 PMTags
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Olivia Rodrigo found herself driving up a different street: Pennsylvania Avenue.
The "déjà vu" singer stopped by the White House on Wednesday, July 14 to meet with President Joe Biden and his chief COVID-19 medical advisor, Dr. Anthony Fauci. The arranged meeting is an effort by the administration to encourage younger people to get vaccinations.
The official Instagram account belonging to POTUS shared a throwback photo of the president in his younger years on July 13, with the caption, "I know this young person would've gotten vaccinated, but we've got to get other young people protected as well. Who's willing to help?"
The High School Musical: The Musical: The Series star confirmed she would soon be in attendance by commenting, "i'm in! see you tomorrow at the white house!"
Not only is the 18-year-old there to discuss helping with those efforts, but according to a White House official, she is also there to record videos "about the importance of young people getting vaccinated." In addition, the official also told CNN that she will answer "important questions young people have about getting the vaccine."

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Dr. Fauci has also backed Olivia as the right messenger for the job, according to MSNBC, saying that she is someone that "people can relate to as opposed to just federal officials."

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For those who can't wait to see the recorded messages, we'll be able to see the videos firsthand on Olivia's social media accounts, as well as President Biden's, once they premiere. With over 14 million followers on Instagram alone, the singer's social media is sure to have plenty of eyes, especially from Gen Z, watching her important PSA.
Olivia isn't the only entertainer taking part in helping vaccination efforts. Just two months ago, celebs including Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez came together for the VAX LIVE concert, which was organized to highlight the need for vaccine distribution.

As far as the administration goes, President Biden recently announced his administration would increase efforts to get vaccines to providers who serve younger people, and it looks getting the Disney channel star on board may be a small start of increasing the turnout.