Britney Spears Hits Back at Alleged Conservatorship Restrictions Ahead of Hearing

On the eve of her next conservatorship hearing, Britney Spears donned a maid costume while alleging once again that her freedoms have been restricted, as she explained in a now-deleted Instagram post.

By Lindsay Weinberg Jul 14, 2021 12:42 AMTags

Britney Spears blasted her alleged conservatorship rules on Instagram, before her post was quickly deleted. 

The pop star posed in a low-cut yellow and black maid costume, which she posted alongside a candid caption on Tuesday, July 13. "Like I said ... my maids may have been able to get their nails [nail emoji] done during COVID after salons opened," she wrote, "but f--k ... at least my maid outfit was the hottest [three winking emojis] !!!!," as seen in screenshots of the now-deleted post.

Britney reposted the images minutes later with a less wordy caption: three red high heel emojis.

During her court hearing last month, she testified that she wasn't allowed to get her nails done during the coronavirus pandemic, explaining she was told "there were no services available." 

"My mom went to the spot twice in Louisiana during COVID," Britney told the judge during the public court hearing, where E! News was present. "For a year, I didn't have my nails done—no hairstyling and no massages, no acupuncture. Nothing for a year, I saw the maids in my home each week with their nails done a different each time."

Britney Spears Through the Years

Britney added, "She made me feel like my dad does, very similar her behavior and my dad, but just a different dynamic team wants me to work and stay home instead of having longer vacations."

She asked for her conservatorship of 13 years to end without further medical evaluation.

Her legal saga will continue during her next hearing on Wednesday, July 14. Several topics are expected to be discussed, including Bessemer Trust's resignation as co-conservator of her estate, Sam Ingham's resignation as her court appointed lawyer and mother Lynne Spears' petition for Britney to be able to hire her own private attorney.

Also on the docket is Sam's petition for Jodi Montgomery to be made permanent conservator of the person, as she has been the temporary conservator of the person since 2019. 

Britney's dad, Jamie Spears, will likely give a response in court to that petition. The co-conservator of her estate, he has requested an investigation into the conservatorship and the allegations Britney made during her testimony. In his June 29 petition obtained by E! News, he said he is "concerned about the management and care of his daughter." Days prior, his lawyer said in court that Jamie "is sorry to see his daughter suffering and in so much pain." 

Britney's team is also expected to discuss numerous fee petitions to be paid for their services. Jodi is requesting nearly $300,000 for her and her attorneys' services, as well as requesting for Jamie to pay for her 24/7 security after she allegedly received death threats, according to court documents obtained by E! News. Jamie, who controls the finances, objected to the security costs.

Additionally, Jodi has asked to hire a "Guardian ad Litem," or court-appointed guardian, to help Britney secure new legal counsel.

As Lynne wrote in her July 6 petition, she believes that getting Britney a new lawyer will be the "first step" to addressing concerns about the conservatorship. "This Motion to Appoint Private Counsel is of the utmost importance and may very well impact each and every of the other requests submitted by Conservatee in her live testimony," the court document read.