Check Out the Cast of The Challenge Season 37—Including 2 Survivor Winners

MTV’s The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies returns Aug. 11, with two Survivor winners and 15 rookies competing against returning champ C.T. Tamburello and more veterans.

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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is here.

Rejoice, The Challenge is returning Thursday, Aug. 11, and the hit MTV reality series is going bigger than ever for its 37th season, which is subtitled Spies, Lies and Allies. Seventeen veterans—reigning champion Chris "C.T." Tamburello is competing in his 19th season—will square off against seventeen rookies from around the world, including  not one, but two Survivor champions and several Love Island alums. Of course, T.J. Lavin is back in action, serving as our trusted host, ready to laugh at any tumble and roast any quitter. 

Here's MTV's official description for the upcoming season, which is basically going full Mission: Impossible on us:

"Set in the picturesque Mediterranean coast of Croatia, elite U.S. Agents join forces with an assortment of International Operatives, all armed with killer competitive instincts. With the assignment constantly evolving, these agents will be tested both mentally and physically to win their share of one million dollars in this epic new chapter of The Challenge spy games."

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And judging from the trailer, it seems the newbies will be giving the returning players a run for their (literal) money, with Kyle Christie nervously saying, "You've got Team Germany, Team Romania, Team Nigeria, if they band together, we're screwed!" 

The challenges also appear to be more dangerous than ever, with Nelson Thomas casually telling another competitor, "The worst thing that can happen is that you die." NBD, right?

This being The Challenge, naturally, there's also time for hooking up in between missions, with a few quick glimpses at the potential pairings being teased in the promo. "Why do they keep casting hot people?!" Kyle, a sentient soundbite, ponders.

Plus, there's a big reveal at the end of the teaser, proving the twists will keep on coming on all season. Let the real global games begin indeed. 

Check out the cast for The Challenge's 37th season, divided into veterans and rookies.

Kyle Christie (Veteran)

The boisterous Brit (and dad-to-be!) is back for his seventh season after being medically disqualified from Double Agents just before the final. Brutal.

Kaycee Clark (Veteran)

After suffering a devastating injury during the Double Agents final, the Big Brother winner healed in time to compete in her third Challenge.

Tori Deal (Veteran)

Along with competing in her sixth season—and her first post-breakup with fiancé and Challenge champ Jordan Wiseley—Tori is serving as co-host of MTV's Official Challenge Podcast.

Tula "Big T" Fazakerley (Veteran)

The fan-favorite is back for her fourth Challenge.

Aneesa Ferreira (Veteran)

The 15-time vet and co-host of MTV's Official Challenge Podcast recently competed on The Challenge: All Stars spinoff

Amanda Garcia (Veteran)

After taking three years off, Amanda is back for her sixth Challenge.

Nany Gonzalez (Veteran)

Will the 11th time be the charm for Nany, who made it to the finals last season? 

Josh Martinez

The Big Brother winner is back for his fifth attempt at a Challenge title. 

Ashley Mitchell (Veteran)

Millionaire" Mitchell is going after her second win after her infamous decision to keep all of the prize money at the end of Final Reckoning, which earned her that nickname. 

Fessy Shafaat (Veteran)

After earning the nickname "Messy Fessy" in Double Agents due to his questionable game moves and arrogance despite never winning a Challenge, Fessy is hoping for redemption in his third outing.

Chris "C.T." Tamburello (Veteran)

C'mon, you didn't really expect the franchise's reigning champ—and arguably greatest competitor of all-time—to sit this one out, did you? 

Nelson Thomas (Veteran)

After seven seasons filled with backstabs, betrayals and bromances—Never forget wen he sacrificed himself for BFF Cory Wharton in Total Madness!—Nelson is eyeing his eighth outing for his first Challenge win. 

Nam Vo (Veteran)

The Ultimate Beastmaster alum is back in action after having to leave his rookie season (Double Agents) due to a back injury. 

Devin Walker (Veteran)

The politically savvy troublemaker is back for his sixth season and we're now taking bets on how long it will take him to go after the Big Brother alliance. 

Cory Wharton (Veteran)

As fans know, the Teen Mom alum is competing for his two daughters. 

Tacha Akide (Rookie)

Tacha was ejected from Big Brother Nigeria's fourth season on Day 90 for getting to a fight, so she should acclimate quite well on The Challenge!

Esther Agunbiade (Rookie)

Esther also competed on Big Brother Nigeria's fourth season, getting evicted on day 64.

Emy Alupei (Rookie)

Emy recently competed on Survivor: Romania

Priscilla Anyabu (Rookie)

The Love Island USA vet is ditching the bikinis for jerseys in her freshman outing.

Michela Bradshaw (Rookie)

Based on her memorable stints on Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X and Survivor: Game Changers, we know Michela is able to bring the drama. 

Bettina Buchanan (Rookie)

Bettina was the winner of Paradise Hotel Norway: Soles in 2020.

Berna Canbeldek (Rookie)

Berna competed on Survivor Turkey in 2018. 

Tracy Candela (Rookie)

The law student appeared on the second season of Love Island Germany

Lauren Coogan (Rookie)

After stirring up some trouble on Love Island USA, Lauren is ready for a new Challenge.

Kelz Dyke (Rookie)

Kelz was a fan-favorite on Too Hot to Handle UK season one and was one of the contestants able to resist the temptation and walk away with the grand prize money. 

Michele Fitzgerald (Rookie)

The Survivor: Kaôh Rōng champ most recently competed on Winners at War, coming in third place. Don't underestimate her.

Renan Hellemans (Rookie)

Renan is a newbie recruited from Ex on the Beach: Double Dutch.

Corey Lay (Rookie)

Corey ultimate didn't find love on HBO Max's 12 Dates of Christmas, so here's hoping he has a merrier outcome in his Challenge debut.

Hughie Maughan (Rookie)

After coming in second place on Big Brother UK in 2016, Hughie got engaged to and then broke up with one of his fellow house guests and appeared on the Irish version of Dancing With the Stars

Emmanuel Neagu (Rookie)

Emmanuel was the runner-up of Survivor: Romania in 2020. 

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The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies premieres Wednesday, Aug. 11 on MTV.

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