Kathryn Hahn Feels Like She's in the Matrix After Emmy Nomination for WandaVision

Kathryn Hahn earned one of 23 Emmy nominations given to Disney+'s WandaVision, and she's still in total disbelief.

By Lauren Piester Jul 13, 2021 9:58 PMTags
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Kathryn Hahn is absolutely living her best life right now.

The 47-year-old actres spent the first few months of 2021 as the talk of the town, thanks to her scene-stealing turn in Disney+'s WandaVision. Her theme song, "Agatha All Along," hit the top of the iTunes and Billboard charts, and fans celebrated the continued Hahnaissance when she was cast in the star-studded, highly anticipated Netflix follow-up to Knives Out

Hahn is currently filming Knives Out 2 in Greece, and she was on her way home from a long day of work when her publicist sent a text full of exclamation marks, followed by a call, informing her of her Emmy nomination

"I figured it was good news, but it's still pretty out of body," Hahn told E! News a couple of hours after the news was announced. "It was 23 nominations for the show, which I am so proud of! So, so, so proud." 

Hahn earned a supporting actress nomination for her work on WandaVision, and the show also scored nominations for Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, costumes, makeup, writing, editing, sound and so much more, on top of a limited series nomination. So needless to say, there was a lot of joy in the WandaVision family today. 

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"[I got messages] from Lizzie, from Paul. I emailed with [director] Matt Shakman and [head writer] Jac Schaeffer, Kevin Feige emailed, my hair and makeup [people]...everybody," Hahn said of her busy, congrats-filled evening. "We've all been texting, because talk about a village. That was a circus to put that together, so I'm so proud that so many of our departments were recognized." 

But of course, the best message Hahn got so far was the one from her daughter, who sent a "little thing of nuts" and a cocktail, which was the "best thing to have come home to." 


"I kind of will never forget this day," she said. "And to know that my beautiful, amazing co-stars and co-artists that worked on this show have also been recognized? Like, what a crazy, beautiful day. And to watch the sun go down in Greece? Like forget it. I can't believe this is happening." 

Much of the past few months have felt like an alternate reality to Hahn, who wasn't on social media to witness the outpouring of love for her when WandaVision was airing. 

"I don't get recognized very often, so I've been able to just live my life, but I know I've heard that it's crazy," she said. "It seems like this bonkers other life, this other phenomenon life that's happening alongside mine. It kind of feels like the Matrix. It's very crazy flattering and so sweet, and I'm just so proud of the show and for Marvel for taking such a beautiful risk with this show." 

As for what's next, she can't say a single word about Knives Out 2 other than to confirm that it's filming in Greece. She also has no idea (or so she says) if she might return to the MCU, but she's here for it. 

"I have zero insight, but I have definite hope," she said. "But who knows? I have not heard a word." 

Whether or not we can trust everything we hear the woman behind Agatha Harkness has yet to be seen, but we've also got definite hope that we have not seen the last of her.


WandaVision is streaming on Disney+. 

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