See Catherine Lowe Reveal Why So Many Bachelor Nation Relationships Fail

By Samantha Bergeson Jul 13, 2021 6:40 PMTags

Catherine Lowe is one of the few Bachelor Nation success stories. In fact, she's the only Bachelor final rose winner to actually tie the knot, so it's safe to say she's an expert at navigating relationships outside of the hit ABC reality dating series. 

Catherine and husband Sean Lowe are happily married parents of three, but even Catherine admits it was difficult to adapt to normal life together outside of the reality TV cameras.

"I think genuinely people really want to find love but there's so many factors involved," Catherine exclusively revealed July 13 on E! News' Daily Pop about why so many Bachelor Nation couples split. "There are so many things against you after you leave the show...I'm really grateful and blessed that Sean and I saw this wonderful life after but I can say that it is really hard to get there." 

So how does current Bachelorette star Katie Thurston's budding relationships fare, in Catherine's opinion? 

"I think actually the rate for the guys that receive the first impression rose from the Bachelorettes are usually the last ones standing," Catherine hinted. "But here's to seeing."

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Catherine's "favorite" contestant, Connor B., was given the axe on the July 12 episode. "He was my frontrunner," Catherine explained. "I think Connor B. just handled himself so well at his exit. The guys were crying when he left, so he made a huge impression on all of Bachelor Nation and I'm really excited to see what he has in store for him later."

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The former Bachelor alum also shared her thoughts on where the ABC franchise is heading in terms of onscreen representation

"I always say that the leads have to be genuinely attractive to other races so the guys, or the girls, that are there that are diverse in race will stay longer so that we see more of them," Catherine continued. "I think right now Katie is showing that she is attracted to, and wants to, potentially be with someone who is a different race than her, long-term. I think the franchise is doing a better job and we'll see, but I think they're being more intentional about representing different types of people." 

Watch the full interview above to also hear a sweet update about Catherine's married life with Sean!

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