How Khloe Kardashian Really Feels About Tristan Thompson and Lamar Odom's Public Feud

After Tristan Thompson threw shade at Lamar Odom on Khloe Kardashian's steamy Instagram post, a source exclusively told E! News she thought the whole ordeal was "childish."

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Watch: Tristan Thompson Responds to Lamar Odom's Comment on Khloe

Khloe Kardashian is keeping up with her social media comments.

After recently being caught in the middle between her exes, Tristan Thompson and Lamar Odom, a source close to the reality TV personality exclusively tells E! News how she really felt about the whole ordeal—which went down on social media.

"Khloe thinks the IG comments from Lamar and Tristan were childish," the insider reveals. "She hates they were publicly acting like that, but also had a laugh."

For a quick refresher: Tristan and Lamar seemingly fought over Khloe in the comments section of her Instagram on Friday, July 9. At the time, the Good American co-founder shared a steamy bikini photo that captured her toned physique as she took an outdoor shower.

The 30-year-old NBA star, who has continued to publicly show his love for Khloe despite their breakup in June, responded to her thirst trap with two red heart emojis and two drooling emojis.

A History of Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson's Relationship

Shortly after, Lamar replied with the message "Hottie" and two flame emojis, as well as two heart-eyes emojis and two loving face emojis.

It didn't take long for Tristan to fire back, writing, "@lamarodom God brought you back the first time. Play if you want, different results."

Many took his comments as a reference to Lamar's nearly fatal overdose in 2015. At the time, the former Lakers player was transported to a hospital near Las Vegas after he consumed a mix of drugs and alcohol. He was in a coma for three days before breathing on his own. Following his hospitalization, he was moved into a private rehabilitation center in California to recover.


Although Tristan and Lamar's back-and-forth appeared to come out of left field, the insider tells E! News there's a reason the Boston Celtics player has been showing grand displays of affection for Khloe.

"Tristan has been desperately trying to win back Khloe," the source explains. "He truly loves her and wants to be with her. He hates that it couldn't work out and has been trying really hard to make her happy."

However, the insider notes that the former Keeping Up With the Kardashians star isn't looking to rekindle her romance with Tristan. Instead, she's focused on co-parenting their 3-year-old daughter True Thompson.

As the source put it, "Khloe is done with him romantically but they still talk every day and see each other often. They have to communicate because of True and Khloe doesn't want any stress or tension added to her life. She keeps it cordial, but is not taking him back."

Instagram / Tristan Thompson

A second insider echoes similar sentiments, telling E! News, Tristan "is making a very serious effort" to win her back. But despite their "healthy relationship" with each other, the fashion mogul "is not interested in a romantic reconciliation with him."

Less than a month ago, Khloe and Tristan called it quits after giving their love another shot last fall. At the time, a separate source confirmed to E! News that Khloe initiated the split after ongoing speculation surrounding his loyalty.

"They had been working through the cheating rumors for the last couple of weeks, but Khloe told Tristan he lost all of her trust and the relationship could not be repaired," the source previously shared. "Khloe really tried, but ultimately, felt too betrayed by him. She's done and says she will not go back."

Additionally, an insider close to the family explained that Khloe was "extremely disappointed in how things have played out with Tristan."

"She has spent so much time and energy on their relationship and was hopeful for the future," the insider added. "To see that Tristan hasn't changed at all after all of this is truly heartbreaking."

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