Halsey Unveils Powerful New Album Cover, Which Will Explore the “Joy and Horrors” of Pregnancy

For their upcoming fourth album, pregnant Halsey posed topless and holding a baby to deliver some harsh truths about pregnancy and motherhood.

By Elana Rubin Jul 07, 2021 7:08 PMTags
Watch: Halsey Poses Semi-Nude With a Baby on New Album Cover

Yes, queen. In the artwork for their upcoming fourth album, Halsey posed on a throne to deliver a few royal decrees. 

"This album is a concept album about the joys and horrors of pregnancy and childbirth," Halsey, who is currently pregnant with their first child, wrote on Instagram of posing half topless and holding a baby. "It was very important to me that the cover art conveyed the sentiment of my journey over the past few months. The dichotomy of the Madonna and the Whore."

The "Bad at Love" singer, who also uses she pronouns, continued by explaining their pregnancy has taught them that "me as a sexual being and my body as a vessel and gift to my child are two concepts that can co-exist peacefully and powerfully."

Having been in the public eye since the 2015 release of their debut disc, Badlands, "My body has belonged to the world in many different ways the past few years, and this image is my means of reclaiming my autonomy and establishing my pride and strength as a life force for my human being," noted Halsey, who revealed they and boyfriend Alev Aydin were expecting this past January. "This cover image celebrates pregnant and postpartum bodies as something beautiful, to be admired."

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In the pic, Halsey posed in a grey gown while holding a baby, wearing a gold gown. They wore a crown and sat on a throne.

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While the musician noted, "We have a long way to go with eradicating the social stigma around bodies & breastfeeding," they hope their upcoming disc, out Aug. 27 "can be a step in the right direction!"


In addition, they also unveiled a video taken at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City to accompany the album artwork. The artist stunned in a sequined one-piece and orange gown. Halsey walked around the historic museum and admired art featuring the Madonna and Child, which they had described in their Instagram caption as an inspiration for the music.

At the end of the clip, Halsey took down a red robe to reveal the album cover of their newest body of work.

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