Danny DeVito always knows how to do morning shows right. Last time he was drunk on The View after a night of limoncello shots with George Clooney, which is an entertaining enough excuse to earn a pass.

But yesterday morning during an It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia set visit by Fox TV, the pint-size actor was openly drinking what appeared to be beer at 8 a.m. without a glamorous "Clooney made me do it" alibi.

Reporter Jenn Frederick, who calls herself JennFred, seemed amused by his shameless flirting—calling her skirt "easy access" and asking this question about her newborn daughter: "Was she cute coming out? Did you get a picture of the legs and everything?"

At one point she even bent down and gave him a dirty-old-man face pat.

As for DeVito's It's Always Sunny costars Charlie Day and Rob McElhenney, they didn't seem as charmed. After Danny belched, they reprimanded him a bit. He responded, "Oh come on, they know it's not real beer."

Rob noted, "It smells like real beer."

But they're all actors, and all actors want to do anymore is get involved in some viral prank that makes everyone question reality. 

Danny offered this explanation of his behavior to RadarOnline: "I was only trying to make a TV interview fun. In the scene the TV people were covering, my character was drinking (pretend beer). When you see the scene on the show—and buy the DVD!—you will understand. It’s called acting."

So he was acting. Or he's covering for being drunk at 8 a.m. Or he was trying to draw attention to his charming basic-cable show that needs more viewers. Or he likes to punk reporters that call themselves JennFred. It doesn't matter, we guess, as long as it's fun.


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