The Kissing Booth 3 Trailer Teases Elle's Hardest Decision Yet

Out August 11, The Kissing Booth 3 will see Elle make a huge decision: choosing where to go to college and making one of the Flynn brothers "very unhappy." The new Netflix trailer has arrived.

By Lindsay Weinberg Jul 06, 2021 10:56 PMTags
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It's time for Elle's last splash, as she dives into her final summer before college. 

Netflix will round out The Kissing Booth trilogy on August 11, after debuting the trailer for the third rom-com on July 6, to celebrate International Kissing Day.

Elle (Joey King), Noah (Jacob Elordi) and Lee (Joel Courtney) convince Mrs. Flynn (Molly Ringwald) to let them stay at the beach house for the summer, promising to "take amazing care" of it (wild parties included).

Lee and Elle find their old Beach Bucket List and decide to check everything off to make the most of their last summer before going to college. "You'd get arrested for that one," Elle jokes, while looking through their checklist. 

Their adventures flash before them, showing the pair cliff jumping, sky diving, sumo wrestling and swimming with sharks.

"But when you decide to escape reality, eventually you're going to have to come back to it," Elle narrates, as she gets a call from the Berkeley Admissions office. "I have to pick a school and make one of my two favorite people very unhappy.... But I wasn't ready to say goodbye. It was our last summer together." 

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Will she go to Harvard with Noah or Berkeley with Lee?

The dilemma is weighing on her when she bumps into Marco (Taylor Zakhar Perez), who asks if things can be "cool" between them. It only seems to complicate things more, as she notes, "This one was gonna be tricky." She opens up to him about her busy summer, saying she feels like she's "running around like a crazy person," thanks to the bucket list and her looming college plans. 

After some counseling from Mrs. Flynn, Elle seems to realize she has to make the decision for herself on what her future will hold. 

"It ends with a chance," Netflix teases in the trailer, "to rewrite the rules."

Beth Reekles' book, The Kissing Booth #3: One Last Time, is expected Aug. 17. Watch the trailer above.