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If special effects like a passenger plane falling out of the sky, scaryass ghosts popping out of nowhere or some fancy-schmancy, gruesome makeup are what you love about Ghost Whisperer, we might have some bad news for you.

As we all know, times are tough and even successful television shows are feeling the pinch. At least that's what Jennifer Love Hewitt, star and coproducer of Ghost Whisperer, told us when we caught up with her at the Monte Carlo Television Festival this week.

The star told reporters about the show's cost-cutting methods for next season and even dished on her romance with Jamie Kennedy

"We are a special effects show, so some of our special effects stuff has had to be cut in half," she said. "We haven't been able to do any actor raises for season five. We've had to cut budgets here and there. They have also been talking about actually shooting our show on HD to save money."

On the upside, J.Love's looking forward to her maternal storylines for next season: "So far, the series has been about her talking to ghosts, but also keeping herself safe and fighting the dark side. Now, she's not only looking out for herself, but looking out for a child as well." Her child, of course, is a baby boy who has "the gift."

The actress attended the festival with boyfriend and costar Jamie Kennedy and wasn't shy with the PDAs. During roundtable interviews with the press, Jennifer popped out a few times to kiss her man, who was sitting nearby conducting his own interviews.

The lovebird laughed about how she recently got a lot of flack for saying that if Jamie didn't propose within a year, there would be hell to pay. She said the statement was taken out of context.

"What I meant by it is, I was engaged and so now all the sudden because I was engaged once in my life I can't do anything else but get engaged again," she explained. "And that's it. I have to either have a baby or get engaged. I can't just be happy and have a great boyfriend and travel the world. Those things are not fantastic enough for people. I have to be ready to get hitched again. Of course there is something underneath there. I do think after a year and a half, if he isn't thinking..."

Hear that, Jamie?!

Think special effects will affect next season? Think Jamie should pop the question? Comment below.

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