Lookalike Love Sneak Peek: How Far Will This Woman Go to Look Like Kim Kardashian?

In this exclusive sneak peek from Lifetime's Lookalike Love, Kim Kardashian look-alike Jennifer tells her husband she's considering plastic surgery. See his reaction.

By Alyssa Ray Jul 06, 2021 4:00 PMTags

Listen up, dolls. This woman is ready to twin with Kim Kardashian.

In this exclusive sneak peek from Lifetime's new docuseries, Lookalike Love, which premieres Wednesday July 7, Jennifer reveals to her husband Aundre that she's considering going under-the-knife to resemble the SKIMS mogul. Unfortunately for Jennifer, it seems as though her love isn't onboard with the idea.

"So, I made an appointment with a plastic surgeon," a nervous Jennifer tells her spouse. "I know that we said no plastic surgery, but I'd like to see if he offers something that's, like, non-invasive."

In a confessional, Aundre explains why plastic surgery makes him "uncomfortable," adding, "You know, you read things and see things that happen to people and it just worries me, 'cause, you know, she's my wife."

As Jennifer continues her pitch, she says that she's simply curious about her options, noting, "I'm obviously not gonna just sign up to do something before I've done my research."

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To the Lookalike Love camera, Jennifer details how she lost over 60 pounds, but still feels unhappy with her physique. "Like, my shape is pretty similar to Kim's already," she adds. "Like, I have the booty. I have the hourglass shape, but my stomach is just not there."

At this point, Jennifer reveals she's hoping for filler and Botox too. Unsurprisingly, Aundre tells his wife that she doesn't need all that work.


"I feel like she's just starting to get consumed in all this," he concludes. "One thing you want to look like Kim, but don't change who you are. Don't lose yourself, and…I'm so afraid of that happening."

Intrigued by the drama above? Then you'll want to tune in for the premiere this week as Lookalike Love follows four couples that each feature a partner who is chasing to look just like their favorite celebrity.

In addition to Jennifer, who is a Kim K. look-alike, the new show, which hails from the producers of Married at First Sight and Love Is Blind, will showcase extreme celebrity doppelgangers for Beyoncé, Marilyn Monroe and Barbie.

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Not to mention, we'll also get to know the partners who love them for who they are. (Although, it doesn't hurt that these people look like A-listers.)

Oh, and for those of you who are already invested in Jennifer and Aundre's journey, E! News can exclusively confirm that the couple is pregnant. "In December we went through a heart breaking miscarriage from our first pregnancy," the pair told E! News, "so we are incredibly excited and so grateful to have the blessing of this beautiful rainbow baby!"

Lookalike Love premieres Wednesday, July 7 at 10 p.m. EST/9 p.m. CST on Lifetime.

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