Meet a SoCal Surfer With Mystery "Alien" Bumps on His Chest in Bizarre Botched Sneak Peek

By Samantha Bergeson Jul 06, 2021 5:00 PMTags
Watch: Surfer Has 2 Huge Mystery Lumps on His Chest

In need of a miracle. 

Santa Barbara-based surfer Bruno has been plagued with mystery "bumps" on his chest since he started the sport at age eight. The "two squishy, enormous bumps" on his chest have only grown over time—and Bruno is hoping the odd lumps aren't something more serious. 

In a sneak peek at tonight's all-new Botched episode, airing July 6, Bruno and his wife Sara desperately hopes Dr. Terry Dubrow is a "miracle worker" who can identify what exactly Bruno is dealing with. 

The Portuguese athlete thinks his bumps are tied to his love of surfing. "I keep hoping no aliens," he jokes in a confessional as to the cause of the weird growths. "I'm concerned that they [will] develop a cancer. Pretty much for me, repetitive wounds naturally evolve into something serious." 

Doctors in both the United States and Portugal haven't been able to pinpoint what the bumps are. "They told me the bumps would not be a health risk, but again, they didn't know what it was," Bruno points out. "So I was never 100 percent comfortable."

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Bruno admits that he's entering the age where "you are aware of your own mortality," and as he's getting older, he has been forced to come to terms with some harsh truths about his body.

"I know that I'm not invincible," Bruno concludes. "I don't want [the bumps] to develop into something more serious that could take me out of the water forever." 


Will Dr. Dubrow be able to treat Bruno's bumps?

Tune in tonight!

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