The Ultimate Guide to Gossip Girl's Iconic Repertoire of Celebrity Cameos

From Tyra Banks to Cyndi Lauper, the OG Gossip Girl had some amazing celebrity cameos throughout its six seasons. Revisit some of the best moments here.

By Cydney Contreras Jul 04, 2021 1:00 AMTags
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Gossip Girl couldn't guarantee a look inside "the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite" if it didn't invite Hollywood's A-list to take part.

After all, Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) is basically an heiress, while Serena Van Der Woodsen (Blake Lively) comes from a family of wealth and notoriety. So, it only makes sense that the two best friends, as well as their equally as well off classmates, would rub elbows with the rich and famous.

And throughout the Gossip Girl's six glorious seasons, there was an impressive amount of schmoozing with actresses, designers, musicians and even some political figures. Rachel Zoe, Lady Gaga and Rachel Bilson are just a few of the stars who made appearances, but upwards of 50 secured their spot in the Gossip Girl universe.

Now, fans are hoping the upcoming HBO Max reboot will feature just as many famous faces and perhaps even some familiar ones—we're looking at you Blake and Leighton.

Everything to Know About the New Gossip Girl

While we wait for the highly-anticipated Gossip Girl premiere on July 8, take a look back at the best celebrity cameos from the OG series below!

Lady Gaga

It wouldn't be a true party if the Upper East Siders didn't have at least one A-list musician performing for all to see. In the season three episode "Last Days of the Disco Stick," the pop star appeared on stage to perform "Bad Romance."

Karlie Kloss

In the season four premiere, the model attended one of Lily Van Der Woodsen's posh parties.

Rachel Bilson & Kristen Bell

In the series finale, Rachel and Kristen prepared to audition for the role of Serena and Blair in Dan's upcoming movie when Dan revealed he's the one behind Gossip Girl's account.

Gwen Stefani

The No Doubt singer performed in a seedy club during one of Lily Van Der Woodsen's flashbacks on season two.

Hilary Duff

The Lizzie McGuire Show actress starred as movie star Olivia Burke in season three of the series. She and Dan become an unlikely couple, but things went sour when they had a threesome with Vanessa, who Dan realized he's in love with. Olivia then announced she's been cast in a new movie and leaves for good. 

Armie Hammer

The Call Me By Your Name actor played conman Gabriel in season two of Gossip Girl, in which he quickly married Serena, cheated on her and then stole the money Rufus had put aside for Dan's college tuition.

Sebastian Stan

The Marvel star portrayed bad boy Carter Baizen for 11 episodes, before Serena literally kicked him to the curb in season two's "The Unblairable Lightness of Being."

Melissa Fumero

Before she was chasing bad guys in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the actress had a brief stint as one of Blair's headband girls in seasons three and four.

Rachel Zoe

Blair and the rest of the Waldorfs were totally embarrassed when the designer was knocked into a chocolate fountain. This is made all the more humiliating because Elle's Creative Director Joe Zee and Cynthia Rowley, along with musician Robyn, were there to witness it all go down.


Speaking of Robyn, the Swedish singer mortified Blair by bringing a video of the Upper East Sider singing off-key at a karaoke bar. It's unclear what vendetta the pop star had against Blair.

Alexa Chung

The model and fashion designer starred as herself in the season six episode titled "Dirty Rotten Scandals."

Mike Bloomberg

In the season finale, the former New York City mayor was shocked to learn Gossip Girl was not Dorota, as he originally suspected.

Krysten Ritter

Remember when The CW almost made a spinoff show about Lily Van Der Wooden's life in the '80s? Gossip Girl gave viewers a look at the potential series when they had Krysten portray Lily's big sister, Carol Rhodes, in the season two episode titled Valley Girls.

Tyra Banks

The model had a guest role as Ursula Nyquist in season three of The CW series.

Florence Welch

The Florence + The Machine lead singer set the tone to a rather sad episode with her acoustic rendition of "Cosmic Love."

Tinsley Mortimer

The Real Housewives of New York City alum made a cameo in season two of the series.

Madchen Amick

In season two, the Riverdale actress portrayed Duchess Catherine Beaton, who was introduced as Nate Archibald's lover. She was also the stepmom of Serena's boyfriend Marcus, who she also ends up having an affair with.

Cyndi Lauper

For Blair's 18th birthday, her mother's boyfriend, Cyrus, hired Cyndi Lauper as the ultimate gift, thus earning the affections of the birthday girl herself in the season two episode "Bonfire of the Vanity."

Willa Holland

For seasons two and three, The O.C. actress ditched her west coast roots when she took on the role of Agnes Andrews, who is arguably one of the more evil characters and Jenny Humphries frenemy.

Elizabeth Hurley

As per usual, Nate Archibald found himself falling for an older woman when Elizabeth's character Diana Payne emerged in the New York social scene. And, as always, things went awry when Gossip Girl got involved.

Nastia Liukin

The Olympic gymnast made a pass at Chuck, who was nearly tempted to slink away with her into the shadows. That is, until Blair walked up and shooed the athlete away in typical Blair fashion.