The Bold Type Stars Pick the Show's Best and Worst Moments

As The Bold Type comes to an end, revisit some of the highs and lows of the Freeform fan fave with stars Katie Stevens, Aisha Dee and Meghann Fahy.

By Lauren Piester Jun 30, 2021 3:00 PMTags
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It's been a long, fashionable road for The Bold Type

After five seasons, the beloved Freeform dramedy is about to come to an end, but not without another hour full of fancy outfits, career milestones and friendship moments that are going to make us seriously miss our favorite fashion closet trio. While the end will hopefully be bright and sunny for Jane (Katie Stevens), Kat (Aisha Dee) and Sutton (Meghann Fahy), the journey so far has been filled with a lot of ups and a similar number of downs. 

As many times as we've cried and cheered while watching the show, we've also cringed and almost turned off the TV, because not even the trio escaped early adulthood without making a few really, really horrible decisions.

With a little bit of input from the girls themselves, let's delve into some of the series' best and worst moments over the years! 

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Best Storyline: Jane's Yeast Infection

"Best storyline to me is when Jane gets a yeast infection," Dee told E! News. "It's the best thing the show's ever done, in my opinion. It literally prompted the three of us to have conversations about yeast infections, like people in my life have all talked about yeast infections. Now we're free to talk about it, so that's a very powerful story to me." 

Worst Storyline: Kat's Constant Trouble

"There were a lot of times I would get déjà vu being in Jacqueline's office being like, 'I have to apologize for a tweet,' or I'm like, 'Sorry about the Instagram post,'" Dee said. "We hear that Kat's good at her job, but, like, is she?" 


Worst: When Sutton Tried to Be a Designer

"Because honey, did you see the dresses?" Fahy said, to much laughter from her co-stars. "No!" 

Best: Sutton's Sewing Machine

Sutton may not have succeeded as a designer, but the storyline came with a new friend in the form of a sewing machine, and it was a big deal both for Sutton and for Fahy.

"Even though she ended up not wanting to be a designer, I just loved that storyline," she said. "The sewing machine was like basically number one on the call sheet for that season." 

Best: The Yoni Egg Episode 

"I think the best storyline was the Yoni episode and Jane talking about how she's never had an orgasm," Stevens added. "Because I think that's a lot of women's experiences, and it's not talked about." 

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Worst: Sutton's Gun 

Never forget Sutton's solution when Jane wanted her to get rid of her gun. 

"I think we all talk about this," Stevens said. "But, like, Sutton shouldn't have turned her gun into a pair of earrings." 

Best: Sutton Getting an Assistant

"That was, like, such a sweet little special moment for her character," Fahy said. "I love the scene where she finds out that Timothy is there to help her, because she was an assistant for like 100 years, and I just thought that payoff was so good." 

Best: Carry the Weight

We still get chills when we think about Jacqueline taking the weights from the young woman who was doing a performance art piece about bearing the weight of sexual assault. As ridiculous as The Bold Type can get, when it chooses to use its storytelling power for moments like this, it's unforgettable.

Worst: Where's Legal?

The Scarlet legal department is MIA for much of the series, but one of the most egregious instances came in the final season when Jane published a story about harassment that turned out to be inaccurate, and apparently, it wasn't vetted by anyone at all, which is simply not how things work. 

But, then again, when do things ever work like they actually work on The Bold Type?


Worst: Business Cocaine

"Remember that time when Sutton used her work card for cocaine and just never got caught?" Dee asked, referencing a truly deranged season two storyline involving an influencer Sutton was trying to impress. "No repercussions!" 

"Yeah, we just totally abandoned her having to explain why the business card was charged for drugs," Fahy recalled. "That's such a good one. I'm glad you remembered that." 

Best: Kat Quitting Her Job 

"I think actually the best career moment for Kat is when she quits her job at the Belle, because it's really hard to be vulnerable, and money is a real thing that helps us get by in this society that is driven by capitalism and consumerism," Dee said. "So Kat taking this leap of faith to be like, 'I believe in this thing I'm building so I'm willing to risk a steady paycheck,' to me, is a high." 

Worst: Kat Getting Fired

"A low is all the times she's gotten fired," Dee continued. "I mean, literally, take your pick. Kat has been fired for been close to getting fired multiple times. And you know what? Some of those I think are justified. Some of those, I think, are badass, and others are, like, come on, girl, learn how to leak some information. You don't have to tweet it out from your account!" 

Best: Jane Getting a Vertical 

"Every scene that I had, I was talking about the vertical," Stevens said of Jane's most thrilling career high. "The vertical was my sewing machine." 

Worst: Jane Getting Fired

"Jane's always making mistakes, but I would say probably when she got fired from Insight [was her worst moment]," Stevens continued. "Even though she, like, did the right thing, but she got fired. That's a real low for her." 

Worst: Kat and Eva 

Kat sleeping with that conservative pundit was simply the least believable thing that ever happened on a show full of unbelievable things. 

Worst: Sutton and Richard's Divorce

We spent almost four whole seasons watching Sutton and Richard fall into forbidden love, only for everything to fall apart as soon as they were married. Is there really no better storyline for TV couples than the conflict over whether or not to have kids?! 

Best and Worst: Kat and Adena

While we've spent most of the series rooting for this couple to be together, to stay together, to get back together, there have been some rough moments. Adena never seemed super supportive of Kat's bisexuality, and Kat often misunderstood the hardships of being in Adena's position as a non-citizen. 

But hopefully, they're on their way back to each other as the series comes to a close! 


Worst: Sutton's Overalls 

In terms of fashion, Fahy will never forget the time in season two when Sutton wore "these overalls and this red, white and blue striped turtleneck that went up to my chin." 

"I think that will go down in history as being, like, the most unhinged thing anyone has ever worn on television," she said. 

Best: Sutton's Purple Dress 

Fahy's favorite fashion moment for Sutton was the purple strapless Maria Lucia Hohan number she wore to Jacqueline's 10th anniversary party.

Best: Kat's Rainbow Dress 

"My favorite was the episode where Kat threw the fundraiser for the lesbian bar," Dee recalled. "She wore this big rainbow dress that was just so ridiculous, but I loved it so much. Knowing who Kat is, I was like, 'Oh, she would put on a rainbow dress for this fundraiser that's for a lesbian bar.' I was just doing my twirls that day, wearing my slides and twirling nonetheless." 

Worst: Kat's Boots 

"These boots never really bothered me, but I remember when I was on Twitter, there was a certain group of people who were like, 'Why did Kat wear the ugliest boots of all time?' They were these silver boots, and when we were on set, we used to call them the baked potatoes, because it looked like there was a little potato in there wrapped in tin foil. The baked potato boots." 

Best: Jane's Sex Club Lingerie

"I feel like that was a moment for not only Jane, but for me," Stevens said. 

Worst: Jane's Pilgrim Chic

"The only one that I'm kind of like, 'Why was I wearing that?' is when we all go on a triple date with these three guys that we met, and I'm wearing some kind of lace thing that looks like I'm a pilgrim," Stevens shared. "It's like a white lace shirt with ruffles that come up to my neck and I had a French braid. I looked like I was gonna churn butter." 

Best: This Friendship

Even when The Bold Type was at its least believable and most infuriating, there was always the trio. Whether they were decompressing in the fashion closet, figuring out how to share a studio apartment or having each other's backs in the boss's office, they were always the best part of the show and the reason we kept coming back. 

TV will certainly be a sadder place without them.  

The Bold Type series finale airs Wednesday at 10 p.m. on Freeform.