A Botched Patient's Secret Silicone Butt Puts Her Whole Life Into Question

By Samantha Bergeson Jun 30, 2021 2:00 AMTags
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Secrets definitely can hurt someone. In this case, it's a Botched patient's rear end! 

Tonight's episode on June 29 proved it's sometimes better to be upfront about surgery. From a woman who underwent a "lumpy" nose job without her mother knowing to a wife whose own husband wasn't aware of her new silicone rear end and a daughter seeking an "anime" physique, Drs. Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow got to the root of these patients' past painful plastic surgery mishaps. 

Yuliana underwent multiple surgeries including gastric bypass and a Brazilian butt lift while in her native Colombia, but a "discount doctor" ruined her hopes of a "Jennifer Lopez butt." Instead of J.Lo, Yuliana's "mutilated" behind certainly was hanging low once her silicone injections were removed and her new implants migrated onto her hips instead of her rear end cheeks. 

"I'm a prisoner of my butt," Yuliana heartbreakingly explained.

During a consultation with Drs. Nassif and Dubrow, Yuliana admitted she felt "ashamed" for her past secret procedures that put a strain onto her marriage. 

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Dr. Dubrow revealed that Yuliana's case was "challenging" and her behind might be more "deflated" once the implants are removed. 

"I'm thinking to myself, I don't even want to examine her," he confessed to the camera. "I'm hoping that I can find something that I can hang my surgical hat on so I can give her some kind of normal cosmetic appearance."

Dr. Dubrow suggested rotating her "love handle fat" down into her butt to give Yuliana's behind more volume and projection.


Yet, Dr. Dubrow still estimated the success rate of any surgery would only be between five and 25 percent. "But there's a chance," Dr. Dubrow added.

Yuliana cried, "There's hope, yes."

Once in the surgery room, Dr. Dubrow realized that one fat flap was still intact. "I'm hoping it'll do something, at least a little bit, to restore normal body contour," he noted of "the art of flap surgery," joking that "the problem is my canvas isn't very good."

Yuliana's "labor-intensive" case ultimately was a success—even though she still had silicone left in her butt. "We came, we saw, we kicked its ass...literally," Dr. Dubrow summed up.

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Since Yuliana's past "complete moron" of a doctor put the implants under her muscles, Yuliana most likely was in pain due to major nerve damage along her legs. Now, thankfully she is free of any silicone or implants—and she still has a cute butt! 


"It looks great, Dr. Dubrow!" Yuliana gushed during the post-operation exam. "I like it. Even though it's not Jennifer Lopez's butt, it's still my butt, and I have one. I am speechless. I can only just cry."

Yuliana also tried to rekindle her marriage. "Being a Colombian woman, you always need to have the perfect body," she reflected. "It put a lot of stress on our marriage...I love how I look. It's not a big butt but it looks natural and it fits my body perfectly." 

Seems like Yuliana and her husband are dancing their way into a happy life together! 

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The episode also featured Karla, a 24-year-old who sought an "anime figure" and has found surgery "very empowering" over the years. "Hell yeah, I'm fake!" she proudly stated. Dr. Nassif later treated Brittnie after a wrong nose job left her with a "lumpy" profile. 

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