See the Cast of Scrubs Thank Essential Workers in Touching Reunion Road Trip Clip

By Alyssa Ray Jun 29, 2021 5:00 PMTags
Watch: "Reunion Road Trip: Back in Scrubs" Stars Thank Healthcare Workers

The doctors on Scrubs may've been fictional, but the actors who portrayed these healthcare workers have a real appreciation for first responders.

In this sneak peek from the Thursday, July 1 episode of Reunion Road Trip, the cast of Scrubs—including Zach Braff, Sarah Chalke, Donald Faison, Judy Reyes and Robert Maschio—reflect on their show and pay tribute to the essential workers working amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"Scrubs was, obviously, a sitcom with a lot of comedy, but it had a lot of serious moments," Zach starts off. "You know, you can't make a show about losing life and hospitals without it getting into drama and real-life situations."

In a confessional with Donald, the Garden State director credits the writing team for creating a show that can "make you laugh, have some bit of surreal fantasy and then, very often, be moving."

Per Donald, a lot of medical workers have resonated with the series, adding, "They give us the best compliments on how Scrubs was the most accurate medical show on television."

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For Sarah, she says the show provided some insight into the everyday lives of doctors. "And I've always been in awe of them," she shares, "but never more than right now with what's going on in the world."

To the Reunion Road Trip camera, the Rick and Morty star calls doctors "heroes," especially now that they're "putting their lives at risk every day to save all of us."


However, it's not just the doctors they're grateful for as Donald reminds his co-stars that it's "the nurses that run everything." Expressing a similar sentiment, Judy adds, "I was proud to play a nurse on TV. I'm grateful for essential workers, and I'm grateful for what they do."

As the clip comes to an end, Zach reveals he has "so much more respect" for essential workers amid "these crazy times."

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He concludes, "I think now more than ever, we look at them as heroes. We did as we were making the show, ‘cause we thought that they were cool. But now more than ever, I think we really, really admire and look up to these men and women."

For this heartwarming tribute, watch the new clip above.