Judi Dench’s Grandson Looks So Much Like Ed Sheeran That Fans Mobbed Him

Skyfall actress Judi Dench has a grandson that looks so much like singer Ed Sheeran that fans chased after him–here’s how Sheeran saved the day.

By Elana Rubin Jun 24, 2021 7:14 PMTags
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When it comes to resembling Ed Sheeran, Judi Dench's 23-year-old grandson looks perfect. 

In fact, Samuel Williams is such a close doppelgänger of Sheeran's that the four-time Grammy winner's fans mistook him for the "Shape of You" singer and crowded him for photos, per a new report in The Sun

"I was in the crowd at one of his shows and a lot of people wanted their photo with me and it became very tight," Williams said of the strange encounter. "People were jumping around and jumping over to get a photo."

The redhead tried to assure them that he wasn't who they thought he was, "I was like, 'I am not Ed Sheeran guys. Will you stop?'"

Luckily, Sheeran saved the day (in partnership with his team) and helped Williams get out of the crowd. When Williams met up with Sheeran after, he explained that he was responsible for sending in the cavalry in the form of his security guard: "He said, 'Oh yeah I sent him out. You needed the help."

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It must've been a surreal experience for singer Williams who loves the musician so much that he's tattooed the name of his albums on his body. "I have Plus, Divide and Multiply," Williams explained, joking. "I became a human calculator."

Williams revealed that he has met his doppelgänger twice. "He is the most down to earth guy," he commented. And he was approached to serve as his body double. Though he turned the opportunity down, he was clearly the man for the job.