Cher Just Made Her TikTok Debut and You Better Believe It Was Iconic

If you thought TikTok was missing something, say no more—because Cher is officially on it. Keep scrolling to see the pop legend's one-of-a-kind debut.

By Samantha Schnurr Jun 24, 2021 4:52 PMTags
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When you're Cher, no introduction is necessary. 

Still, to commemorate her official TikTok account, the pop legend did fans the honor of posting her first video—and as you could have guessed, it was just as iconic as she is. First of all, she gave fans not one, but two outfits, complete with alternating blond and brunette wigs. 

But, her ensemble wasn't the only thing she couldn't decide on—introducing herself proved to be a bit tricky, too. 

"Hi, it's me, the great and powerful Cher and I'm on TikTok," she declared in the first take. 

The second went like, "Hi, it's me, Cher, on TikTok."

"Guess who I am," she said in a third, forgoing her name entirely. "I'm on TikTok."

The Oscar winner concluded with, "Hi, of course you know who I am. I was gonna introduce myself, but no."

However, Cher's message wasn't only about herself. "Happy Pride Month to everybody in the community that I love," she signed off, "and that means you."

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With TikTok emerging as a major social media platform, it seems Hollywood's most beloved stars are flocking there—with exactly the type of content the fans want.  


hi @tiktok . Happy Pride ?????? do you prefer blonde or brunette? ##ForYourPride

? Believe - Cher

In early June, Alicia Silverstone, who played another beloved Cher, also made her debut on the app, along with a truly perfect recreation of her "Ew! Get off of me! Ugh! As if!" scene from Clueless 26 years later. The cherry on top? She reenacted it with her son, 10-year-old Bear Blu Jarecki

And yes, we're still totally buggin'.