See Lily James and Sebastian Stan Stripped Down as Newlyweds Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson

We guarantee you'll do a double take when you see this photo of Lily James and Sebastian Stan recreating Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson's beach wedding in Mexico.

By Samantha Schnurr Jun 24, 2021 3:19 PMTags
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Back in the '90s, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee made quite the splash with their sudden nuptials. 

In practically the blink of an eye, the Playboy bombshell and Mötley Crüe drummer tied the knot on the beach in Mexico in February 1995. It was basically the second time the rocker and the Baywatch star had hung out—they first met a month earlier on New Year's Eve in 1994—when Lee followed Anderson to Cancun, where she had traveled for a photo shoot. In the span of a reported four days, the two were wed. 

And their wedding was every bit as unconventional as their love story. The couple tied the knot in beachwear—Anderson in a white string bikini and Lee in a pair of shorts—that has been perfectly replicated for Hulu's upcoming miniseries, Pam & Tommy. Photos were recently snapped of the show's titular stars Lily James and Sebastian Stan in costume as they hold hands in the water, an obvious recreation of that fateful day Pam and Tommy said "I do."

Pamela Anderson's Legendary Romantic History

Of course, don't just take our word for it!

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See the latest shots for yourself and more from the set of the highly anticipated show below.

Water Wedding

Spotted: Sebastian Stan and Lily James as Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson. The two stars was photographed filming a scene for Hulu's upcoming series miniseries on a beach in California. Judging by Lily's white string bikini, the two stars appeared to be reenacting the couple's nuptials in Mexico

I Do

The stars were spotted filming outside of a church in Los Angeles, seemingly in reference to Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee's infamously hasty wedding. 

Wedding Bells

It looked like 1995 all over again as Lily James and Sebastian Stan, undeniably in character, filmed for the upcoming Hulu series outside of a church.

Sebastian Stan and Lily James as Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson

We can't even begin to describe to you the rush of feelings we had about this picture. How does Lily James look so much like Pamela Anderson? How does Sebastian Stan look both exactly like Tommy Lee and exactly like Sebastian Stan with a lot of tattoos? Why are his pants so low? Did he actually get his nipples pierced? Does Lily actually have Sebastian's actual nipple ring in her actual teeth? So many questions. 

Seth Rogen as Rand Gauthier

Seth shared this picture on Twitter along with photos of Sebastian and Lily with the caption, "My co-stars, Sebastian and Lily, are a lot cooler than I am." He's not wrong, but he's not exactly right either. 


This smoldering pic was hiding at the end of a slide show on Rogen's Instagram. We're not sure if we're supposed to find this guy hot, but we're sorry, we do. 

How Is this Even Possible?

Has Lily James always looked exactly like Pamela Anderson and we just didn't notice? What kind of makeup magic is this?! 

Stop Playing With Us, Sebastian

Sebastian shared this photo with a profound Tommy Lee quote: "We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing."