Erika Jayne Shares Her Truth About Divorcing Tom Girardi After Being "Pushed" Out

During the June 23 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Erika Jayne shared more details about what led her to divorce Tom Girardi.

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Erika Jayne is getting real about her split from Tom Girardi

During the Wednesday, June 23 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the 49-year-old TV personality opened up to her co-stars about deciding to move on from her marriage of 21 years. The initial discussion came during a group meal at Sutton Stracke's party and followed conversations about the topic that first began in last week's installment

"Let's discuss the elephant in the room," Erika said in the new episode. "So, my life drastically changed this week. I let go of my Lamborghini. I let go of my 16,000-square-foot home. I let go of my marriage. I let go of everything."

The singer further explained to the camera that she made the difficult choice to leave the marriage because she had felt "pushed" out of the partnership. 

"I literally made a decision that I had to," she shared. "I left because he pushed me further and further out. The conversations that I used to have were now reduced down to a sentence or two. I just kept walking around that house, and knowing that this marriage was headed down a really s--tty path, I had to make a choice to do what was right for me. I couldn't live that way anymore."

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She went on to inform her friends that she purposely hadn't told them details about the split until now so as not to put them in a "bad position" legally as the divorce process plays out. 

"I struggled for a long time knowing that I had to leave," she explained in her confessional. "But once I made my decision, I spent a good 30 days closing out certain parts of my life. I cried every day. This was the end of a massive part of my life and stepping into, basically, a void."

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Erika added that she was "met with such resistance" from Tom when she tried to get them to talk things out. She also claimed that the differences in status, given that he is 33 years older and was wealthy when they first met, meant she "was always dismissed" if she were to bring up her hurt feelings. 

The reality star shared that she intentionally filed for divorce on Nov. 3 because it was Election Day 2020 and she "wanted it to get buried" in the news cycle, but that media outlets nonetheless wrote about the news of her split. 

Indeed, E! News was first to report the divorce, and the headline for our exclusive reporting was flashed onscreen during the episode. At the time, Erika released a statement saying in part that this was "not a step taken lightly or easily."

After her statement was released, a source close to Erika told E! News that Tom's alleged infidelity was the reason for the breakup. Tom's team did not respond to E! News' request for comment. 

In addition, the attorney is currently facing legal issues after past clients accused him of fraud and embezzlement. Neither Tom nor Erika, who is also listed as a defendant in the suit, has yet to file responses to these complaints.

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