The Trailer for Netflix's New Dating Show Sexy Beasts Is Here and We Have So Many Questions

After launching a slew of successful dating shows, Netflix is taking their latest one, Sexy Beasts, to a hair-raising level.

By Kisha Forde Jun 23, 2021 3:48 PMTags
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Tired of the standard human-meets-human dating shows we've come to know and love? Well, buckle up because Netflix's new dating show, Sexy Beasts, is officially heading to where the wild things are.
Long gone are the days of finding love by simply showing up on blind dates or just getting to know each other by talking to the walls of sequestered rooms. The streaming service just dropped the trailer for their fascinating new reality dating series and it's something that you absolutely have to see. Yes, this show is also focused on finding love, but there's a never-before-seen, mind-bending catch: the lucky prospects are literally showing up on their dates dressed as the sexiest creatures in the land.
Just to clarify this hilarious notion even further: the contestants are getting to know their potential mates while sporting elaborate makeup and prosthetics to transform into their otherworldly selves. In fact, the must-see clip opens with someone dressed as a panda rattling off their must-haves while introducing themselves on a first date. Yup, really.

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"I wanna get married, I wanna have babies before I'm 26," the panda says at a rapid-fire pace before asking the most important known to man (or animal here): "Do you have health insurance?"

Another date comically complimented his other half by telling them, "You're the best-looking devil I've ever seen."
And before you ask, yes, it does appear that the contestants make their serious choice of final dates while still within their mythical form. (Eventually, they unveil their real faces to each other at some point).

Netflix has led quite the charge when it comes to their easily bingeable dating shows (Dating Around, Too Hot to Handle, Love Is Blind) just to name a few—but their latest dating show is a real head-scratcher to say the least.
As the clip mentioned: "Welcome to the strangest blind date ever." Get ready to howl with laughter when the anticipated (and maybe even a little awkward) show debuts on July 21.