Cara Delevingne Reveals Why She Decided Against Plastic Surgery After Considering Boob Job

While appearing on an episode of the Make it Reign podcast, Cara Delevingne opened up on what made her reconsider getting plastic surgery, admitting that she longed for a boob job for a while.

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Cara Delevingne is opening up on why she decided against going under the knife.
While appearing as a guest on the Make it Reign podcast, the 28-year-old model noted her personal mission is to always help and inspire fans about being completely honest, which made her think twice about getting work done.
The Paper Towns actress explained that although she's considered getting plastic surgery done in the past, she ultimately opted against it because she doesn't think she would be able to talk about it publicly, fearing the subject might be viewed as taboo and promote unobtainable beauty standards. And although she thinks it's important for young fans to have a celebrity be transparent, she added such a revelation might be "frowned upon" and decided against it.
"I get it because it comes from a place of deep insecurity," she shared. "Like ever since I was a kid, I was like, ‘I wanna have a boob job, my boobs are uneven.'"

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The model also added that she has thought about getting surgery for other body parts as well, including her nose, but her feelings on not being able to discuss the matter is what ultimately stopped her from following through.
"I've gotten close to thinking about it and luckily at that moment go, ‘Well, if I was to do it, then I don't think I could be honest about it,'" she shared. "And then that would be a problem because I just think that young girls or young boys even, need to know that some things aren't naturally obtainable, you know, which is fine."

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"That's the model of modern science and that's okay, it's great," she continued. "But, just what makes it more sad is that people just can't really talk about it."
Although the star has decided against it for now, she candidly explained that she wasn't giving up on the idea completely. "I would've had something done if I didn't represent what I represent," she said. "I thought it was more important to not do something because I wanted to represent not doing something, but that doesn't mean I don't want to."