Influencer Kate Hudson's 2-Year-Old Daughter Dies After Cancer Battle

TikTok personality Kate Hudson announced on June 21 that 2-year-old daughter Eliza had passed away after battling a rare form of cancer.

By Ryan Gajewski Jun 22, 2021 6:33 AMTags
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Social media personality Kate Hudson and fiancé Chance Moore are grieving the loss of their 2-year-old daughter after she passed away on Father's Day.

Kate, who had included fans on Eliza Adalynn's health journey through the viral TikTok account Hey Eliza, posted to Instagram on Monday, June 21 that the child had died the day prior after battling cancer. Eliza was born in August 2018 and had been diagnosed at 10 months of age with a rare form of cancer known as rhabdoid tumor.

"My sweet baby girl," Kate wrote. "I don't know how we will go on without you. I know we promised you we would we brave, just like you. But we are broken. Even though we know you are no longer suffering or in pain or frustrated with what life had become."

She continued, "I thought that because we knew you were dying, that your death would not feel so sudden. But it did. I wasn't ready to see what I saw. I woke up this morning, still half asleep, and reached for your hand. But you were not there. You left last night."

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A GoFundMe account that Chance created in November 2020 described Eliza as "playful, energetic, sassy, funny, intelligent, joyful, sarcastic, bossy, kind and fascinated with life."


According to the fundraiser page, she had been given just weeks to live at that point, and Chance wrote that the family felt "blindsided" by the cancer's rapid progression.

Kate concluded her Instagram post with, "I want to believe I will wake up from this nightmare and you will be there holding our hands. Telling us it was just a bad dream."