Kacey Musgraves Spotted Holding Hands With Cole Schafer During NYC Getaway

It was not a lonely weekend for Kacey Musgraves. She appeared to confirm her relationship with poet Cole Schafer, as they embraced and held hands during a trip to New York this weekend.

By Lindsay Weinberg Jun 21, 2021 11:58 PMTags
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Kacey Musgraves must have butterflies!

The country star, 32, seemed to confirm her romance with writer Cole Schafer when the pair were spotted packing on the PDA in New York.

Kacey and Cole held hands during their trip on Sunday, June 20, while she rocked a matching blue athleisure set. They looked as happy as can be as they wrapped their arms around each other on the streets of NYC.

An eyewitness tells E! News that the couple went to the Maison Premiere oyster bar, before hitting up the Metropolitan bar in Brooklyn. And, per the Daily Mail, they shared a kiss over dinner.

The Golden Hour artist was married to fellow singer Ruston Kelly from 2017 to 2020, and then was rumored to be romantically linked with Dr. Gerald Onuhoa.

Now, Cole appears to be pretty smitten. On June 7, he wrote on Instagram, "I've been letting life sweep me out of my red wings as of late."

Though he didn't mention Kacey, Cole quoted a long poem about romance, reading, "I'm romantic about the way she looks at me, when I get off of them, her pulling up to the BNA [Nashville's airport] as pretty as an afternoon dream, her brown hair a mess above her head, her smile killing me, killing me, killing me — finally, holding me tight, as if the breeze of the passing cars could kick me back up and into the sky. I'm romantic about her." Kacey commented on the post with a heart and he sent one back.

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So, who is her new guy?

Well, Cole is both a poet and an author. "Like a particularly nasty erotic vampire rom-com, I occupy a few different genres," he wrote on his website. "By day, I work in advertising, doing my best Don Draper over at Honey Copy, my tiny but mighty copywriting shop." 


He also "moonlights" as a poet under his artsy alias January Black, who recently published the book After Her. "When I find myself with something dying in my chest, I write a book. This is that book," he wrote.

On his birthday last year, Cole reflected on some of his personal mottos. "I feel that our greatest responsibility as humans is to leave the world slightly better than we found it," he wrote.

He continued, "I'm just trying desperately to use this time thoughtfully –– creating my own thing worth hanging and loving on all the people creating their own thing worth hanging and, from time to time, admiring and adoring and learning from the things folks have hung before me."

Kacey, who is expected to release her next album this year, explained to Rolling Stone in February that her divorce has impacted some of her songs, such as the lyrics, "Signed the papers yesterday / You came and took your things away / I moved out of the home we made / And gave you back your name."


She confessed, "I can't help but to write about what I'm going through," adding, "I also want to honor the relationship we had and the love we have for each other. Because it's very real."

As she told ELLE in May, "It is scary to be like, ‘I'm about to share my most personal thoughts about me, about this other person, about a union that I had with someone.' I mean, I'm not a ruthless person. I care about other people's feelings. So it's kind of scary."

The six-time Grammy winner said she wrote 40 songs for her next album, which she described as a "catharsis," but only 15 will make it onto the final version.

She hasn't said anything publicly about her relationship with Cole.

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